E-Liquid Review: G Vapers Strawberry Banana Twist

G Vapers sent me a 30ml bottle of their Strawberry Banana Twist e-juice in exchange for a review. Strawberry Banana Twist is one of 19 flavors available from Gvapers.com.

Product Specs

  • 30ml – 7.99
  • 60ml – 12.99
  • 120ml – 22.99

Nicotine levels available: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Description: Strawberry, banana, and peach

The Review

My video review for this e-juice is much shorter than my usual reviews since I was out on the bike trail and running a little late to work, but that doesn’t mean that my review is not accurate. I’ve since vaped quite a bit of this e-juice and still stand my first impressions.

When I cracked open the bottle for the first time I smelled nice strong burst of fruit flavors. It smells like strawberry and banana, but I don’t smell any peach.

I loaded it up on the Mutation X V3 built at 0.48 ohms on the Invader Mini running at 50 watts

In the taste I get the same thing as I do on the smell; strawberry and banana, but not any peach. If the peach is in there, it’s probably in a very small percentage. The flavor overall is fairly light but it has a great taste. It’s has a nice clean inhale with no throat hit at all.

I actually really like what they did with the light flavor here. It’s not too overpowering. The one drawback to the light flavor here is that I’ve noticed the flavors become muted after vaping it for a while. Since the first impressions video, I’ve been vaping it in the Aromamizer RDTA V2 and after a while, I can hardly taste it all. But after vaping a different flavor profile and coming back to it, it’s usually good again.

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