Preview of the Vaporesso XROS Pod Device

Vaporesso just released a new pod device called the XROS (pronounced as cross). There are some cool features in this device that I think any of you pod device fans will like.


The design is very sleek and minimal. I really like it. It has a matte black finish, a nice brushed metal button and an LED light on the front.

Something unique about the XROS compared to other pod devices is that instead of using aluminum for the body, they went with stainless steel. So this is going to be stronger and be less likely to have issues with corrosion over time.

The size is comparable to other popular pod devices like the Uwell Caliburn or Smok Nfix. If you want specifics, it measures out to 112mm x 23mm x 13mm. That would be about 4.4 inches long, 0.9 inches wide, and 0.4 inches thick.

Features and Functions

Here’s one of the cool features of the XROS. You can use this in either draw-activated mode or button-activated mode. I think this might be the first time I’ve ever seen that. And this is cool, because it seems like vapers tend to strongly prefer one of the other. To the degree that it can impact a buying decision! And the XROS has both so that should make everyone happy.

The XROS has a constant voltage output of 3.6 volts and has an adjustable wattage of either 11 watts or 16 watts. The wattage changes based on the coil that you use. They have this feature in other devices and it always works great, so I would bet that it works great here too.

Adjustable Airflow

On the other side of the XROS is an adjustable airflow switch. I love this! It’s my opinion that all pod devices should have adjustable airflow. I personally really like a very tight draw but we all like different types of airflow, so this makes this device way more appealing to a wider variety of vapers.


The pod holds 2ml of liquid and is designed to be easy to fill. It’s a top-fill pod designed to push and open with one hand.

One thing that stood out to me is that the plastic is very clear, which makes it easy to see how full the pod is. I like that.


Vaporesso is using their always-awesome mesh coils in this pod system. There are two coils available; a 0.8ohm mesh coil or a 1.2ohm mesh coil.


The battery inside the XROS is an internal 800mAh battery, which is pretty typical for pod devices these days. It’s a good-sized battery that should last you a full day or more of vaping.

Also great to see is that it charges using a USB-C cable. You can charge the XROS from a dead battery in about 45 minutes.

Final Thoughts

Without having tried it, all I can talk about are the design and features. The design looks nice and I like that it’s made with stainless steel. I also really like that it can be used in either draw-activated or button-activated mode. And the best feature of all…adjustable airflow! This is definitely a pod device I’m looking forward to.

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