6ix9ine Dummy Vapes Disposables Review – Ugly Device But Outstanding Vape

Dummy Vapes were sent to me for review by the manufacturer. Dummy Vapes partnered with rapper Tekashi69 (aka 6ix9ine, etc), to release a new line of disposable vapes based on 6ix9ine’s style.


  • 8000 puffs
  • Mesh coils
  • LED screen with battery and liquid levels
  • USB-C Rechargeable
  • 20 flavors
  • 5% nicotine
  • $29.95


I’m just gonna say it up-front – the design sorta sucks. It feels like there was no artistic vision here.

Vapes don’t have to be works of art, but I believe that if you put your name on it, it should represent you. And these look like 6ix9ine went to the cheapest designer and manufacturer he could find to put these together. So if cheap is what he was going for, he nailed it.

The device is blocky, boring, and ugly.

6ix9ine is known for his crazy style, rainbow-colored hair, and tattoos, and they tried to represent that in these vapes. The keyword here is “tried.” The manufacturer took a generic device and threw some cheesy rainbow lettering and logos on it. The design looks like an afterthought. It doesn’t look like it was designed by a professional.

I like the colorful paint splatter on the back of the device, but it’s not enough to make up for the front panel. And considering 6ix9ine’s style and personality, they could have gone even crazier with the paint splatter.

The front panel also features a smiling cartoon image of 6ix9ine with tattoos on his face and rainbow-colored hair, teeth, and hoodie. The image is cool, and I like it, but it just feels like it was slapped on and not integrated well into the design.

The device measures about 1 inch thick on one side, half inch on the other side, 5 inches tall, and 1.5 inches wide.

The mouthpiece is a normal duckbill-shaped mouthpiece. It’s a comfortable tip and is easy to use.

LED Screen

We’re starting to see screens on a lot of disposables, and I love it. Kind of. I love how helpful a screen is, but I don’t like how wasteful it is. It probably makes disposables a lot more expensive to make too, and that would be passed on to us as consumers. But I can’t deny the usefulness of being able to see the charge of the battery and how much liquid is left in the device.

With this screen, you’ll always know how much battery life is left in the device, so you can charge it if you need to before you leave the house. You’ll also know when the liquid is low so that you can plan to grab a spare or buy a new one.

Internals and Technology

Dummy Vapes uses a mesh coil, which is what you’d expect from any modern device, so that’s good because you know you’ll get good performance, fast firing, and the best flavor.

These also use Quaq technology. If you’re not familiar with this, it’s the same tech that Elf Bars use. Elf Bars are known for how well they work, and that’s because of the Quaq tech used in their coil design and wicking materials.


These perform extremely well. The airflow is a tight draw, and I think it’s perfect for a vape like this. It’s not too restricted but also not a loose mouth-to-lung draw. You get a lot of vapor with each hit too. It’s really satisfying. And the flavors are all really good; there’s no weird aftertaste in any of them.


Dummy Vapes come with 5% nicotine and in 20 different flavors.

They sent me five flavors from the line:

  • Dummy Dream
  • Gooba Grape
  • Kika Kiwi
  • King of NY
  • Wacky Watermelon

If you know 6ix9ine, you’ll recognize some of these names since they’re based on names of albums, songs, or things 6ix9ine has said. I love the names they’ve come up with.

So let’s go over each one.

Dummy Dream

This is described as creamy banana ice cream. It does have some creaminess to it, which gives it a great mouthfeel, but it doesn’t remind me of ice cream. But I don’t know of a better way to explain that creaminess. It’s definitely banana, though. It’s like a banana dessert or like a rich banana taffy.

Gooba Grape

Dummy Vapes describes this as a mix of cranberries and sweet grapes. Another very unique combination. Grape is the prominent flavor here, but I get it at the end of the vape. This is really hard to explain, but I seem to get that sweet cranberry at the front, and it only lasts a second before that grape comes in and takes over. The cranberry is very light, and I can’t even tell that it’s cranberry, but it adds a great unique taste to this overall flavor. This is one of the best grape vapes I’ve tried.

Kika Kiwi

This is a combination of kiwi and sweet pomegranate. This is a really interesting combination. To me, it doesn’t taste like either of the flavors right off the bat, but it has a sweet but light pomegranate and Koolada flavor at first, and then the kiwi flavor kicks in. The pomegranate is so light that it’s hard to tell that it’s there, but you can tell it’s adding something here because this doesn’t taste like a straight-up kiwi.

King of NY

This is your standard mint/menthol vape. It’s sweet and reminds me a lot of those hard, round Lifesaver mints. The menthol isn’t overwhelming, but this is definitely cool, refreshing, and minty,

Wacky Watermelon

This is described as a mix of strawberry, mango, and watermelon. Like the others, this one is a unique flavor, and I don’t get what I expect from the description. I can sense those flavors here, but when they’re combined, it doesn’t taste like any of them. It seems to have a bit of an earthier flavor to it but is still fruity. I get mostly strawberry and watermelon, which are very light, and I don’t get much mango at all. So if you’re looking for mango, this isn’t it, but it is adding to the overall flavor here.

And as I mentioned, there are 20 flavors in all:

  1. Alien Invasion
  2. Bad Berry
  3. Brooklyn Blue
  4. Clear
  5. Cosmic Blast
  6. Dummy Dream
  7. Fizzy Lemon
  8. Fruit Frenzy
  9. Gangsta Punch
  10. Gooba Grape
  11. Gummo Gummy
  12. Kiki Kiwi
  13. King of New York
  14. Rainbow Rapper
  15. Redd Dummy
  16. Stoopid Strawberry
  17. Tobacco
  18. Trollz Twist
  19. Twisted Tangy
  20. Wacky Watermelon

You can see descriptions of all of those flavors on their website.

USB-C Charging

Dummy Vapes claims that each device has 8000 puffs. I don’t know how much e-liquid that adds up to, but to provide that many puffs, there’s clearly a lot of e-juice in these, so they need to be rechargeable. Dummy Vapes charge using a USB-C cable, estimated at 50 Min to come to a full charge.

The screen shows you how much charge is left in the battery, so you can get a good idea of when you need to charge and how much life is left before the day is over.

I’ve used multiple USB-C cables on these, too, and they all work, so that’s another big plus because I’ve seen some disposables that won’t charge with laptop charging cables or PD adaptors. This works with all of them, so you don’t need to worry about which cable you grab.

Final Thoughts

Dummy Vapes have been great. They hit hard, the flavors are great, and the names are relevant. I also love the screen that shows the battery charge and liquid capacity. These flavors are super-sweet, though, so that’s something to keep in mind for anyone looking at these. The designs are terrible, but that has nothing to do with functionality. Dummy Vapes work great, they just look generic.

Disposables are looking more and more like reusable devices but with better flavor and less hassle. I think that makes disposables far more accessible to the larger crowd.

Dummy Vapes were sent to me for the purpose of review. Check them out at DummyVapes.com. You can get them for 29.95 each.

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  1. the pink fizz has lasted me 3 months still working great Honestly the best vape I’ve ever bought better thanHDQ 9,000 puffs
    highly recommend


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