E-Juice Review: Visions by BLAQ

BLAQ gave this to me for the purpose of review.

  • 60ml bottles for $24.99
  • Nicotine strengths of 0, 3, and 6mg
  • 65% VG / 35% PG

Visions is described as a sweet honeydew mixed with secret nanaberries crystallized in a hard rock candy.


I have no idea how to describe the smell. It doesn’t smell like honeydew, it doesn’t smell like rock candy, and it doesn’t smell banana or berries (which is what they’re referring to by nanaberries). It smells sweet, but I don’t get any other specific smells out of it.


For this review, I used the Smok Alien at 100 watts with the CSMNT RDA on top built at 0.4 ohms.

It’s definitely honeydew, which is noticeable immediately. I really like how the honeydew comes out in this. It’s definitely the dominant flavor. The second most noticeable flavor is the banana. I would have never thought to combine honeydew and bananas, but it works well. I don’t really get any specific berry flavor out of the vape, but this is an overall fruity flavor, so it’s probably contributing to the flavor as a whole.

As for the rock candy flavor, I don’t taste it. I suppose it’s a little candy-ish, but not a whole lot to me. It’s pretty sweet though, but it tastes more like the sweetness of a very ripe banana, which I love. So yeah, this one is pretty good, I like it a lot. I get the feeling it will be a coil killer though because it’s sweet.

So you can get this from blaqvapor.com in in 60ml bottles for $24.99. If you like sweet honeydew and banana flavor e-juices, I think you’ll like it.

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