3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Cannabis Vape Experience

Whether you’re a new or seasoned vaper, you don’t have to settle for the same experience every time. There are many options for making your vaping experience better, more delicious, and more customized every time. Here, we share three easy ways to improve your cannabis vaping experience.

1. There’s No Substitute for Quality…or Cleanliness

When it comes to vaporizers, not all brands and models are created equal. The cheapest vaporizer may give you a basic vaping experience but won’t allow you to get the most out of vaping and may even put your health and safety at risk. A higher-quality vaporizer can elevate your experience instantly and keep you safe from risks such as exploding batteries and spontaneous ignition.

How to Choose a Vaporizer

The best place to start in your search for a quality vaporizer is your nearest marijuana dispensary or vapor shop. The salespeople there have been around the traps and know what’s what on the vaping market. They will be able to offer you some solid advice.

While it may seem like the more you pay, the better, you can save a pile of money by purchasing a middle-of-the-range basic-model vaporizer and gradually upgrading the parts.

Keeping It Clean

“Cleanliness is next to godliness”–or so said our grandmothers back in the day. With vaping, cleanliness might not make you next to godly, but it can make your vaping experience more heavenly! Cleaning your vaporizer after each use is a good way to maximize the flavor and effects. At the very least, you should thoroughly clean out your tank when changing e-liquid flavors.

The Regular Clean

To clean the tank, fill a bowl with warm water and detach the tank from the mod. Then, discard any remaining e-liquid in the tank, take the tank apart, and place the components in the water. Wash each tank component until it is completely clean, using a few drops of non-toxic dish soap if the tank is especially filthy. Air-dry or dry with a paper towel and let stand for 10 to 15 minutes to finish drying out completely. Once all of the moisture is gone, reassemble the tank, and you’re good to go!

The Deep Clean

For a deeper, periodic cleaning, follow the same instructions but use non-flavored vodka on a cloth or paper towel to scrub stubborn stains and grime away. Rinse with warm water and leave to air-dry as usual.

By keeping your tank clean, you will find that the flavors are stronger and purer, and your experience will be enhanced.

2. Reset Your Taste Buds

This next tip will make sense to anyone who chewed bubblegum as a kid. Remember popping some chewy in your mouth and enjoying the intense taste only to find that the sensation quickly dissipated? That was because the gum still tasted the same, but your mouth had become so saturated with the flavor that you simply didn’t taste it anymore.

“Vaper’s tongue” works the same way–no matter how flavorful your e-liquid is, you won’t enjoy the same taste sensation after a while if your taste buds are saturated. The antidote to vaper’s tongue is to cleanse the palate with water or another substance to “reset” your taste buds and enjoy the full flavor of your e-liquid again–even before you finish that same cartridge!

The following foods and drinks are great for resetting your palate:

  • Water–plain, mineral, or sparkling
  • Anything acidic, like lemons
  • Drinks such as black coffee, tea, or wine (go easy on the wine!)
  • Pickled ginger

You can try them all and pick a go-to palate cleanser or switch it up and enjoy diverse undertones to the flavor sensation of your e-liquid.

3. Regulate Your Vaporizer

The third tip is to learn to use your vaporizer correctly. A master of any craft knows their tools inside and out and is able to modify and adapt them according to what is required for the task at hand. Vapers can get much better use out of their vaporizers by learning how to control the e-liquid level and temperatures for the desired effects.

The most obvious place to start would be to read the manual of your glassware. After that, you can control the e-liquid level and temperature for the best experience.

Getting the E-Liquid Level Right

Very simply put, the less e-liquid you put in your vaporizer, the greater the sensation. As steam production requires air, space in your tank will make the steam more plentiful and flavorful than if you overdo the level of liquid.

Another tip to make your e-liquid go further is to close the tank vent slightly and select a lower wattage. In addition to saving e-liquid, these techniques are also great for reducing spit-back–definitely something you’ll want to avoid for a pleasant vape!

Getting the Temperature Right

The temperature that’s right for your e-liquid or concentrate depends on the effects and flavors that you want to get out of it. Dry herbs need higher temperatures than liquid or wax preparations to let off steam, so you’ll have to take that into account.

Beyond your cannabis preparation, lower temperatures give you a stronger dose of THC and higher temperatures give you more CBD. In this case, the heat of your mixture can actually alter your high. Different flavors are also more notable at different temperatures, so with a little experimentation, you can find the sweet spot that gives you the exact flavors and effects that you want.

How to Control the Temperature on Your Vaporizer

To control the temperatures on your vaporizer, you’ll need a set-up that comes with a Temperature Control (TC) mod. These models have a type of wire in the coil that increases the resistance as it heats up. The mod monitors the resistance of the coil throughout the session creating something akin to “cruise control” by which it adjusts the power to maintain the desired temperature.

Become Your Own Vaping Expert

In the end, there’s no one who can advise you better on how to maximize your vaping experience than you. By experimenting with different vaporizers, e-liquids, palate cleansers, and temps, you’ll quickly find out what you like, what you don’t like, and how to use your experiences to guide you in the future.

For more on becoming a cannabis flavor connoisseur, be sure to check out the articles on cannabis tinctures and cooking with Cannabutter. Above all, enjoy your cannabis vaping journey and have fun!

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