Kizoku Limit MTL RTA Review – First RTA with replacement coil!

The Kizoku Limit RTA was sent to me for review from Check it out here (affiliate). This is a rebuildable tank designed for tight-draw, mouth to lung vaping, but what makes it really unique is that it’s also compatible with pre-built coil heads.


The design is very interesting with the curved and pointy top end. This design seems to be fairly common in tight draw atomizers, which I’m guessing is because it restricts the airflow more and it makes the flavor better. The restriction is excellent and the flavor is too, so it seems to work well.

I’m not a big fan of the logo, but it doesn’t bother me all that much. As far as overall design goes, it’s a nice looking tank.

The Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece comes in two parts. This black piece is made of Delrin and it screws into the metal piece. The metal piece is a standard 510, which means you can use your own drip tip on here too if you want.

The mouthpiece is a slim 510 tip with a concave design that results in more restriction of airflow restriction, which is what you want in a tank like this. And that curved design is great for making the vape really comfortable.

The Top Cap and Fill Port

The top cap has a childproof locking feature, which is great if you have kids, but it’s also great just to prevent the cap from opening by accident in your pocket. To open the lock, you need to unscrew the outer ring of the top cap until it stops and then you can slide the cap to one side to get access to the e-liquid fill port.

The fill port has a membrane to prevent leaking and it’s a decent size for filling your tank. That’s really all there is to it.

The Rebuildable Deck

The deck is a two-post single coil rebuildable deck. The build deck is small since this is a mouth to lung setup, so you’re going to need to use a small coil in here. The coil that comes in the package is a 1.0 ohm, five wraps, 3mm inner diameter, 28g spaced coil, and that seems to work perfectly in here for me, so that’s what I would recommend using too.

One thing to note about building coils for this tank is that the leads are easiest to install into the posts when they are at the bottom of the coil, and that requires that the coils need to be wrapped backward from how you probably usually build them.

You’ll also need the leads to point in opposite directions. You don’t have to wrap them that way, but it makes it easier.

But once you have the coil ready, it’s really easy to install. All you need to do is drop your coil into the deck and screw the post screws in from the sides of the posts to tighten it all down.

Then just position your coil so that it’s even and placed really close to the airflow hole. Just make sure it’s not touching the deck anywhere.

Then add your cotton and make sure the wicks drop down into those bean-shaped wicking holes. I cut the cotton so that the ends just reach the bottom of the wicking channels. And that’s pretty much it. Fill it up, let it sit for a few minutes and you’re good to vape.

Using Pre-built Coils

One of the coolest things about this tank is that it can use pre-built coils too. This might be the first time this has ever been done. At least I’ve never seen it done before. But if you just don’t feel like rebuilding coils, you can actually screw in pre-built coil heads too. I’m actually not supposed to say what brand of coils fit this tank but I can show you.

So the rebuildable deck unscrews from the base and leaves you with a space that perfectly fits these pre-built coils.

The pre-built coils aren’t known for being amazing, but they are known for working well enough. These coils have decent flavor and somewhat short life, but they’re not too bad. And the cool thing about these coil heads is that they have been around forever, they’re sold everywhere, and will probably be around for as long as vaping exists so there’s no worry about not having coils to use for the Limit tank.

The pre-built coils are designed to vape best at 18-23 watts and at those settings, they work well. You aren’t going to get anywhere near as good of flavor as you do from the rebuildable deck though.


The airflow is adjustable and provides options for either tight draw or lung draw. The airflow comes in through only one side of the tank, but there are actually two slots hidden beneath the airflow control ring. First, you have six holes so that you can really fine-tune the airflow restriction. Then if you keep turning the ring, you’ll find a wide airflow slot that you can use to really get some airflow in here.

So while this tank is designed for a tight draw, it’s really cool that you can loosen it up. The airflow works great for either tight draw or restricted lung hits.

The coils you use will also impact the airflow restriction. For example, if you use a 2.5mm coil, the draw is fairly tight. If you use the pre-built coil head, the draw is more open. But if you want even more restriction on the airflow, you can install 3mm coils to take up more space in the tank.

I do have two complaints on the airflow control ring. One thing is that it’s really tight and hard to turn. And secondly, it’s not easy to grip. So those two things make it a little tough to turn, but I’m hoping that it becomes easier as I break it in from use.


  • Rebuildable deck
  • Compatible with BVC coilheads
  • 3ml capacity
  • Colors: black, stainless steel, and gun metal
  • $34.10

Final Thoughts

This is great tank. It performs amazingly and it’s super easy to build. And it can do a really tight draw if you like that, which I do, but it can also do a restricted lung draw with many airflow options in between. The airflow is excellent. The flavor is also very good. I have no complaints at all about the flavor.

And my favorite thing about this tank is that it’s both rebuildable and compatible with a well known brand of pre-built coils. That makes this tank great for beginners because you can start with pre-built coils and eventually transition into rebuilding if you ever want to.

My favorite MTL tank is the Expromizer V4 and this tank is definitely up there as far as performance goes. It’s not machined as well, but it performs nearly as well. So yeah, I really like this tank.

This was sent to me for review from and you can get it from them (affiliate) for about $34.

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