E-Juice Review – “Fantastic” by Flavahub


I received three flavors from FlavaHub for their Fantastic Juice line. Flava Hub is from Malaysia and I just want to point that out because they might have different tastes than what I’m used to here in the U.S. and also because of shipping time and costs. I looked up shipping to the U.S. and if you go with 3-7 day DHL Express, it’ll set you back $25 just for one bottle. Registered Air Mail is much more reasonable at only $3.50, but it will take about 3.5 weeks.

The packaging looks great. It really catches the eye. But if you look closely, you’ll notice that the lettering looks very familiar. That’s because it’s the exact same font as Fanta soda.

I don’t know how intellectual property laws work in Malaysia, but that doesn’t fly in the U.S. This is IP infringement, which is a really hot topic right now, so I know that’s gonna be a drawback for people right off the bat.

They sent me three flavors; Lemon Lime, Grape, and Strawberry, so let’s try each of them out. I asked for 6mg nicotine, but they didn’t mark my bottle, so I have no idea what mg of nicotine this is. I’m guessing it’s probably zero nicotine.

Lemon Lime Flavor

Their product description says: “Quench your thirst with our freshly made Lemon Lime juice. This mouth watering juice has a strong flavor that will boost your day. We recommend you try this wonderful juice.”

It definitely smells like a lemon-lime flavor. I get the lime mostly. The citrus smell is very strong.

For this review, I used the Omni RDA built at 0.48 ohms on the Smok Alien mod at 75 watts.

Immediately, I got a cool menthol taste. I was not expecting that at all. It totally threw me for a loop. That minty menthol taste is very strong.

The menthol is so strong that it makes me cough, and I’m no stranger to menthol. I actually like menthol. It’s okay here, but it’s really strong.

As for the lemon and lime flavors, I can sense that they’re in there, but neither of them is very noticeable.

This flavor isn’t for me, but if you’re looking for a strong menthol flavor with the slight hint of lemon and lime citrus, you might like this one.

Grape Flavor

Their product description says: “Revive yourself with this extraordinary taste of grape. The note of grape is super amazing. You can taste a fresh sensation on both inhale and exhale making your vaping a pleasant experience!”

It smells like either grape soda or grape jolly rancher. The smell is sort of like a strong artificial grape, which smells pretty good.

For this review, I used the Wismec Inde Duo built at 0.27 on the Smok Alien mod running at 75 watts.

I was totally caught off guard with the strong menthol flavor in the Fantastic Lemon Lime e-juice and this one has it too. The menthol here is really strong. My breath feels minty after vaping. I can even feel it in my throat. I think they’re using this to give their e-juice a refreshing or fresh flavor like their product description says.

Again, that minty flavor is so strong that it makes me want to cough.

The grape flavor is there, but it’s drowned out by the menthol. I can barely taste it.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the menthol here. It’s just overwhelming. I also would have liked for the grape to be stronger. From what I can tell, it tastes like grape, but not a typical grape flavor, but I’m not sure how to describe it.

I don’t know if these e-juice are actually supposed to taste like Fanta, but I bought some Fanta to compare. I don’t drink Fanta so I was surprised to see that the grape e-juice actually seems a little close to the soda. if it didn’t have the menthol flavor, it might actually taste really similar.

So overall, this one also isn’t for me.

Strawberry Flavor

Their product description says: “Enjoy the aromatic smell and the delicious taste of strawberry. Passionately brewed to perfection, making this a favorite all day vaping juice. You will be amazed with this refreshing mixture!”

It smells like a strong strawberry syrup, which is very appealing to me because I love strawberry syrup on my ice cream 😉

For this review I used the Icon RDA built at 0.27 ohms on the Smok Alien mod running at 75 watts.

Like their other flavors in the Fantastic line, this one has strong menthol. But it doesn’t seem as overwhelming as the other flavors do. I think the menthol actually works a little better here. The strawberry comes out nicely. The strawberry tastes a little more like real, sort of earthy, strawberry, rather than candy strawberry, but it’s not very strong. I would have actually liked the strawberry to pop a little more.

I also bought some strawberry Fanta to compare this one too and I was surprised to find that this tastes similar to the soda too. It’s not spot on, but it seems kinda close. You really have to try to pick strawberry flavor out from the menthol though.

The strawberry flavor is my favorite. It tastes decent and the menthol isn’t so overwhelming.


So overall, I’m having a hard time forming an opinion here.

These e-juice have a very strong menthol flavor, and I mean strong. So strong it makes me want to cough. And after trying to chain vape the lemon-lime flavor, it started to buy my throat because it was so cold. So this line really doesn’t suit me well. If you don’t like menthol, you won’t like these.

I’m also not a fan of the food coloring. It’s not a huge deal, but I don’t like it. But I’ve also heard from another reviewer that Flavahub plans to remove it, or they might make a food-coloring-free option, so I hope they do that.

The strawberry one was my favorite and I can see myself vaping it here and there, but probably not often. This line just wasn’t for me. But if you’re a big fan of menthol, you might actually like it.

If you’re a menthol lover, you can pick this up from Flavahub.com or fantastic-juice.com in 60ml bottles for $20.90. You can get it nicotine strengths of 0, 3, and 6 and it’s a 70vg/30pg e-juice.

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