Tasting the Difference: Black Note Tobacco E-Juice

Note: Black Note sent me some e-juice to review (coming soon) and I asked them if they would write a blog post to give my readers some expert info on high quality naturally extracted tobacco (NET) e-juice, so here it is!

Even though cigarettes and Black Note vape liquid both contain real tobacco, the taste between the two is decidedly different. You’ll also find a big difference between Black Note vape juice and other tobacco e-juice on the market, as well as enjoying a distinctly different taste with each of Black Note’s tobacco blends. There are many factors that play a role in making each Black Note tobacco blend a truly unique experience – different from anything else you may have experienced, well, ever.

Taste Tobacco, Not Other Ingredients

It all starts with ingredients. As noted, both Black Note vape juice and cigarettes contain real tobacco. But the general similarities stop there. While cigarettes typically contain a lower-quality hodgepodge of multiple varieties, each Black Note e-juice blend contains a single variety of high-end tobacco.

Real tobacco extract is likewise the main ingredient you’ll find in Black Note. Other than the base vape liquid ingredients of PG and VG and optional nicotine, Black Note contains no chemical flavorings, colorings or other additives. Cigarette smoke, on the other hand, contains more than 4,000 chemicals on top of the tobacco.

Chemical flavorings, colorings, and other additives are also frequently used to create synthetic tobacco flavors found in tobacco e-liquids that don’t rely on natural tobacco extract.

And even if tobacco vape liquids do contain real tobacco extract, they still may taste totally different than Black Note. That’s because they are unlikely to contain the same unique tobacco varieties Black Note carefully selects. They are likewise not guaranteed to go through the same extensive nine-step process Black Note uses to create its vaping liquids.

What Makes Different Tobacco Blends Unique

In addition to enjoying a real tobacco taste that’s not muddied down with unnecessary or even harmful ingredients, Black Note lets you enjoy a lineup of different tobacco tastes. Each of the six Black Note vape juice blends boasts its own unique flavor, again for a variety of reasons. The distinct flavors come from three main elements:

  • Type of tobacco used
  • Region in which the tobacco is grown
  • Curing and aging process used on the tobacco leaves

Tobacco Type

Dark chocolate tastes different than milk chocolate, which tastes different than white chocolate. Tobacco types work much the same way. Virginia tobacco tastes different than burley tobacco, which tastes different than Kentucky tobacco or a Syrian Latakia blend. Each tobacco type comes with its own precise flavor, which is further enhanced and differentiated based on where it’s grown and the curing process used.


Because tobacco is a plant, it absorbs the particular makeup of the soil in which it is grown. Different flavors will stem from different soil types, soil nutrients, soil acidity or alkalinity, and the specific climate in which the growing tobacco thrives. Kentucky tobacco grown in Kentucky, for example, is going to taste notably different than Kentucky tobacco grown in Italy.

Curing Process

Once tobacco is harvested, the leaves undergo a curing process. The elements involved in each curing process again play a key role in the resulting taste of the end product. Depending on the tobacco variety, leaves can be dried using air-curing, fire-curing, flue-curing or sun-curing processes.

Six Blends, Six Distinct Experiences

When you take into account the different tobacco types, growing regions, and curing processes used for Black Note tobacco e-juice blends, you can easily see why each variety produces its own distinct experience.

Prelude provides a light, bright, airy and naturally sweet experience.

  • Virginia tobacco
  • Grown in nutrient-rich, sandy plains at foot of Italian Alps in Verona, Italy
  • Flue-curing process using gradually increasing heat without exposing tobacco to smoke that releases natural resins and sugars

Forte serves up a full-bodied yet extremely smooth experience. (see my review here)

  • Burley tobacco
  • Grown in fertile volcanic soils near Naples, Italy
  • Air-curing process that preserves naturally rich essence with just a hint of sweetness

Sonata is known for its robust, intensely flavorful experience.

  • Virginia tobacco
  • Processed using 400-year-old Cavendish method
  • Fire-cured, then steamed and cured under pressure to let the rich, robust flavors fully develop.

Legato features a smooth, earthy, and mildly nutty experience.

  • Kentucky tobacco
  • Grown on sun-drenched slopes of Tuscany, Italy
  • Flue-cured using slowly increasing temperatures to release natural resins

Solo is Black Note’s menthol blend, producing a crisp, cool, soothing mint experience.

  • Virginia tobacco
  • Overlaid with natural menthol crystals derived from dried mint leaves for a crisp mint burst with no harsh bite

Quartet is probably the most distinct Black Note blend, with an unforgettable smoky, peppery taste.

  • Syrian Latakia tobacco
  • Smoke-curing process using aromatic woodsy plants and herbs that imbue it with its sultry smokiness

How to Properly Savor the Black Note Taste

Cigarettes are made to be smoked, but Black Note tobacco e-juice is made to be savored. One of the best ways to savor Black Note is to take it slow. You’re not out on a harried, three-minute cigarette break in the rain with a boss demanding you get back to your desk. You’re in the midst of a real tobacco experience that’s meant to be enjoyed with ease.

Try “sipping” on your vape instead of puffing. This allows the flavor to linger on your tongue instead of being hurried into your lungs. Exhale just as leisurely, admiring the aromatic cloud that slowly wafts into the air.

Black Note took a lot of time and research to produce its flavorful lineup of blends. You probably took some time researching and deciding upon a high-quality tobacco e-juice. Take all the time that you need to thoroughly enjoy the distinct taste of your chosen blend, the real tobacco flavor, and the decidedly different Black Note experience.


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