ELeaf iWu Pod Vape Review

The Eleaf iWu was sent to me for review from HeavenGifts.com. This is a new draw activated pod vape from Eleaf so let’s talk about it.


  • 700mAh battery
  • Max 15 watts
  • Colors: Black/Red, Blue, Dazzling Yellow, Gold/Green, and Silver/Black

In the Box:

  • The iWu
  • Two replaceable pods
  • USB cable
  • Instruction manual


I’ve always thought that Eleaf had classy packaging. Not that it really matters, but I do think it adds to the appeal of the product, so I appreciate it.

Ok, so looking at this device, you’ll see that it has a really unique look. I thought it was a little funny looking when I saw pictures of it, but when I opened the box, I changed my mind. In person, it’s pretty nice. It’s sturdy too. I haven’t dropped it, but it feels like it could handle a few drops with no problems at all.

One of the things I really like about the design is that the metal piece is actually a sleeve that fits over the device. It serves no function other than for looks, but I like that there’s a possibility of getting different colored sleeves.

I don’t know which vendors will sell the batteries and sleeves separately, but I see on Eleaf’s website that you can buy both individually, so that’s nice.

Pods – Flavor and Airflow

The pods hold 2ml of e-juice, which is good, and it has a 1.3ohm coil inside. The pods are priced very well too at about $10 for a pack of 5.

Filling it is very easy too and one thing I really like about it is that the fill port is on the side of the pod, rather than on the bottom like most devices on the market right now.

The benefit of that is that it’s much easier to access but I think it also prevents leaking into the device where the contacts are. The fill hole is also big enough to fit any e-juice bottle, so that’s a big plus too.

The airflow is a little airy, so you won’t get a really tight draw from it. It’s airy enough to where you can do a very restricted lung draw or a somewhat loose mouth to lung hit.

The flavor from these pods is pretty good. About as good as I’ve had from any pod vape running high-mic e-juice, so I have no complaints.

Size & Comfort

The iWu is a little bulkier than lots of other pod devices, but it’s still fairly small. It’s definitely portable. It’s 98mm tall (or about 4 inches) and it’s 30mm wide (a little more than 1 inch). The width is 14mm, which is about a 1/2 inch)

In the hand, it’s very comfortable to use. The pod is comfortable to take a hit from too. And it’s also small enough to easily toss in your pocket without it taking up a bunch of space.

Battery, Charging, and the LED

It has a 700mAh battery, which is very good for a pod-vape. I’ve found the battery to last a long time. Even for heavy vapers, it should last the entire day.

To charge it, just plug into the USB cable. The light will be red while charging and will go out when it’s fully charged.

The LED light on the bottom of the device will tell you how much charge is left in the battery. Green means 100-60% charge, Orange means 59-30% charge, Blue means 29-10% charge, and Red means you have less than 9% charge. The light will light up when you take a drag.

So something I want to mention about the LED light is that on mine, it came out. It doesn’t come all the way out because it’s connected on the inside, but it does seem to slide out of place from just normal use. Not a big deal, but something I noticed.

Final Thoughts

So that’s the iWu. It really is a nice device. The design is pretty unique, so that might not appeal to everyone, but I don’t mind it. The only drawback that I really have is that the LED light fell out of place, but that’s not a big deal. You can just push it back in. Another drawback for some people might be the airiness of the draw, but some people like that, so it’s not going to be a con for everyone.

But it has a lot of good features. It’s small, it’s easy to fill, it has good flavor, it has a big long-lasting battery, and you can buy replacement sleeves and batteries individually if you want spares or if you want to change colors.

That’s all I’ve got! You can get it from HeavenGifts.com for about $23.

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