Steepd Vape Co.’s Pink Fizz E-Juice Review

This e-juice was sent to me for review from Steepd Vape Co..

The Details

This is a Max VG e-juice and the prices online range from around 8-15 British pounds for 40-50mls.

Description: An old school classic of black, orange, green, and purple, chewy sweets.

I have no idea what that candy is supposed to be. Maybe it’s a UK thing.

Ingredients: The flavor ingredients listed on the bottle are grapefruit, lemon, orange, and blackcurrant.

Smell: It smells like a fruit juice of some kind. Like one of the pre-packaged juices that I give to my daughter. You know, like the kind that you can drink in one drink. Yeah, those are good.

How It Tastes

This reminds me of a homemade fruit smoothie. The reason I say homemade is because at least in my house, we don’t use a bunch of sweeteners like commercial places do. We just throw in a bunch of fruit and coconut milk. So this has a very natural fruit smoothie taste, which I like a lot.

The grapefruit seems to be the most prominent with just slight hints of orange. It doesn’t taste like candy like the description says, but it does taste like a naturally sweet, not artificially sweetened, fruit drink.

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