Geekvape Aegis Solo Kit

The GeekVape Aegis Solo kit was sent to me for review from Check it out here. The kit comes with both the Aegis Solo mod and the Cerberus sub-ohm tank. The Solo is the newer compact version of the hugely popular original Aegis device. I never owned an Aegis, but I actually have the dual-battery Aegis Legend and I think it’s one of the best devices I’ve ever owned. I love it.


  • Colors: Orange, Blue, Black, Green, Red, Gunmetal
  • Aegis Solo Size: 128.9mm tall, 41.2mm wide, 31.5mm depth
  • Single 18650 battery (not included)
  • 5w – 100w
  • 200-600 Fahrenheit (or 100-315 Celsius)
  • $64.00 from

In the Box:

  • Aegis Solo mod
  • Battery door assist tool
  • Cerberus Sub-ohm Tank (5.5ml bubble glass pre-installed)
  • Spare regular glass tube (4ml)
  • Spare parts for the tank
  • One super-mesh X2 Coil
  • User manual
  • USB Cable

The Cerberus Tank

I’ve already reviewed the GeekVape Cerberus tank, so I’m not going to do an in-depth look here, but I’ll quickly go through my overall thoughts. So this is a 27mm tank with a 5.5ml e-liquid capacity with the pre-installed bubble glass or 4ml capacity with the spare straight glass tank.

It has a top fill and uses mesh coils.

The Cerberus originally came with the Super Mesh X1 coil, which was rated to go up to a max of 90 watts. The flavor production from those coils is some of the best I’ve ever had from a mesh tank. The Aegis Solo kit comes with these new Super Mesh X2 coils, which are designed for much lower wattages. This is perfect for the Aegis Solo since the device is only a single-battery device. So the X2 coils are 0.3 ohms and rated best between 30-40 watts.

The airflow is a little turbulent, but you get a lot of airflow through this if you like it wide-open.

So that’s the quick version of this tank, but if you want to see my full review of the Cerberus tank, I’ll put a link in the description ( The short version – I loved it.

The Aegis Solo Device

Design and Size

Personally, I think the Solo looks really cool. I like the style of all of the Aegis devices. The black case with rubber grip and color accents just looks nice.

On the top, you have the sealed 510 connection. On the front of the Solo is the firing button, which has a nice strong click to it. Below that is the display screen, and that’s nice and bright. And then the function buttons which let you adjust the settings. Those also have a nice feel to them. On the side is the USB port, which has a rubber plug to prevent water from getting in there. That USB lets you charge the device or update the firmware.

The size of the device without the tank on it is 5 inches tall, 1.6 inches wide, and 1.2 inches in depth (front to back). The original Aegis was just slightly bigger than the new Solo, but it weighed twice as much. The Solo weighs only 112.5 grams, so it’s pretty light.

Chipset and Functionality

The Aegis Solo uses what Geekvape says is the latest version of the AS-100 chipset. They say it has a high level of accuracy, stable power, and faster response time. And just like the other Aegis devices, they’re not kidding. It fires almost immediately. It’s one of the fastest firing devices I’ve ever used.

The screen displays the mode you’re in, the wattage or temperature it’s set at, the battery life, the resistance of your atomizer, how many amps you’re pulling from the battery while it’s firing, the voltage you’re set at, and how many puffs you’ve taken.

To access the menu, you press the firing button three times.

Of course, you have a wattage mode. It works as you’d expect. It goes in one-watt increments when you hold the button down, but goes in 0.1-watt increments when you click it individual times.

There’s bypass mode if you want this work like a mech mod, but you still have the safety features of a regulated device.

Temperature Control – this has several preset modes to support stainless steel, Ni200, and titanium wire, but you also have the ability to use TCR mode, which lets you set it to any wire you want if you know what to set it at. There are tables out there telling you the numbers if you need to look them up, such as the Wire Wizard at You can also lock your resistance in TC mode, which is something you always want to do when the atomizer is at room temperature.

You also have custom curves, which lets you specify the wattage or temperature for every second of your vape.

And the last option in the menu is to reset your puff counter.

There are also some features not found in the menus. If you press and hold the up and down setting buttons at the same time, it’ll lock the device so that you can’t change settings, but you can still fire it. If you press and hold the fire button and up or down, you can adjust the screen brightness.

Safety Features:

  • 10s Cut-off Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Over Charging & Discharging Protection
  • Overheat Protection
  • Over-current Protection
  • Anti-dry Protection (temp-control)

So yeah, it has all of the safety features you would want. Nothing new, but nothing missing, so that’s good.

Waterproof, Dustproof, and Shockproof

So like the other Aegis devices, the Solo is also waterproof and shockproof with IP67 protection. The “six” rating means that it has the best protection against solids, so it’s protected from contact with harmful dust. The “seven” rating isn’t the best (the best is 8), but that means that the Solo can be fully immersed in up to a meter, or 3.3 feet, of water for up to 30 minutes.

You probably don’t want to risk ruining the device by constantly dunking it in water, but if you get it wet in the rain or if you accidentally drop it into the toilet, it should still work (if you can bring yourself to touch it again). It’s also worth noting that water resistance of an electronic device can wear off over time and water resistance ratings are strictly for water, not things like beer or soda, so results might vary.

As for the Aegis Solo’s shock resistance, I’m not really sure what the rating is. The Geekvape site only says that it’s shockproof. The original Aegis had MIL-STD 810G-616.6 military-grade shockproof rating, so I’m assuming they’ve done the same thing here.


The original Aegis was a single-battery device that took 18650, 20700, and 21700 batteries. To make this new Aegis Solo smaller, they had to reduce the overall size, which means that it now only takes 18650 batteries.

To prevent water from getting inside the device, the battery compartment has this heavy-duty cover that requires that you unscrew it. Just pull out the lever and you can turn it easily. Then you just drop the battery down into the device, with the positive end going in first and the negative end touching the battery cap.

Final Thoughts

Just about everything about the Aegis Solo kit is good. The only con that I can think of is that it only supports 18650 batteries and I know that a lot of people really like their 21700 batteries these days. But for me, this is a device that’s definitely worth buying. If it’s not for you, check out the box mod section of for other options. This was sent to me from and you can get it from them here.

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