Geekvape Aegis Squonk Review

The Aegis Squonk Kit was sent to me for review from Geekvape. The Aegis line of products from Geekvape is my favorite line of devices of all time. These things are just super durable and look great, so I was really excited about having the opportunity to review this.


  • 5-100 Watts
  • 10ml liquid capacity
  • Resistance range: 0.05 – 3.0 ohm
  • Micro USB charging
  • Single 18650 battery
  • Colors: Silver, Green, Black, Chameleon, Blue, Red

In The Box

  • Aegis Squonk Mod
  • Tengu RDA
  • 510 Drip Tip Adaptor
  • Extra squonk bottle
  • Spare parts, coils, cotton, and atomizer rebuilding tools
  • Micro USB cable

The Aegis Squonk

Let’s talk about the Aegis Squonk first. Scroll down if you want to learn more about the Tengu RDA.


The Aegis Squonk stays true to the great design of the Aegis line. You have a durable rubber coated body with sharp aluminum accents around the grip. And in place of the typical grip, you have a squonk bottle. It’s a great looking design.

And it comes in a bunch of different colors, all of which also look great. They actually sent me the chameleon model, which I love. It’s the most unique color they have and that’s the type of vape gear I like to have. I love fun and interesting designs. But if that’s not your thing, they have all of your typical regular colors too.

On the panel, you have a strong clicky firing button, a bright display screen, and two function buttons. On the side is a USB port hidden by a thick seal, on the bottom is the battery cover, and on the top is the 510 connector and the squonk bottle refill port.

IP67 Ratings

Like everything in the Aegis line of devices, the Aegis Squonk also has IP67 water and dustproof rating. IP67 means that it can be fully immersed in a little over three feet of water for up to 30 minutes. It also has the best protection possible against solids, such as dust. It’s a really durable device.

The Aegis Squonk is also shockproof. I don’t know what the shockproof rating is, but it’s at least more resistant to shock damage than your typical device. So if you accidentally drop this, it should be fine.

Features & Modes

The Aegis Squonk uses the AS-100 chipset which is the same chipset as the Aegis Solo and that’s because that’s pretty much what this is. It’s just like the Aegis Solo but with the ability to attach a squonk piece to it.

To turn it on, click the firing button five times fast. To get into the menu click the firing button three times fast while it’s on. It’s pretty standard.

So when it comes to features, you get everything you’d probably want. It’s super-fast, it fires up to 100 watts, and it has a bunch of modes.

  • Regular power mode
  • Temp control for Ni200
  • Temp control for stainless steel
  • Temp control for titanium
  • TCR mode if you want to set the TCR for any other type of temp control wire
  • VPC, which gives you custom curves for up to five seconds
  • Bypass mode to run wattage based on the battery charge and atomizer build

I’m not going to go into the specifics of all of the features because it’s exactly the same as the Aegis Solo (review here), which I’ve already reviewed, so if you’re interested in going through the menu system, check that review out.


Geekvape says this is a leakproof squonk system and one of the ways this is possible is because the squonk bottle doesn’t feed directly into the bottom of the atomizer. It actually feeds sideways into the device and then up to the atomizer. It’s a sealed system that doesn’t rely on the typical tubing that most other squonk devices have. It’s a pretty cool idea.

The bottle has a fairly stiff squeeze to it but it works very well.

The biggest problem you might have with this is that it’s not easy to empty or clean because you have to unscrew the panel to get to the parts.

Turning the Aegis Squonk Into a Regular Mod

The Aegis Squonk comes out of the package as a fully assembled squonk device, but it’s actually been designed in a unique way that allows you to remove the squonk attachment and replace it with a regular non-squonk cover.

The non-squonk cover didn’t come in my package but Geekvape’s website says that it’s added for free so you should get it if you order the kit. But if you do need to buy one, it’s only about $8, so it’s not expensive by any means.

To take the cover off, there are two hex screws holding the panel in place, one on each side. You’ll also see two Torx or star-shaped screws on here too, but you don’t need to unscrew these to get the grip off. They made these Torx screws so that you don’t try to take them out.

So if you take the cover off, you’ll see how this works. Geekvape sells what they call a standard cover that removes the bottle and turns the Aegis Squonk into basically an Aegis Solo. It’s a really cool idea.

It’s not easy to get this all of this taken apart but that’s because this device has IP67 water and dust resistance, so it needs thick seals and lots of screws. So it’s a bit of a pain to clean or replace the squonk bottle, but for good reason. If you do need to replace the squonk bottle though, you need to pull out these two little plugs at the top of the bottle and then pull that top piece off. Then you pull the bottle out of place and then squish it back in.

You don’t need to take the panel off to clean this though. You do if you want a really thorough cleaning, but for just a quick clean, you can shoot some water into the fill port with a syringe or an old e-liquid bottle filled with water and soap, shake it up and then squeeze it through the top of the device. You’ll need to run a few cycles of water through there to get the soap out.

Filling the Squonk Bottle

To fill the squonk bottle, you slide the panel on the top over and fill it up. The one issue that I’ve noticed with filling this is that it’s not easy to get the e-liquid bottle tip into the fill port when an atomizer is on top. So you might need to take the atomizer off to fill it.


The Aegis Squonk uses a single 18650 battery, not included. To put it in, unscrew the hefty battery cover and slide the battery in. The battery door might be hard for some people to take off so Geekvape includes a battery door removal tool too. I’ve never had to use it, but it’s there if you need it.

One thing I found on mine is that the o-ring for the battery door came off the battery door threads and stuck to the device. So if that happens to you, just realize that it’s supposed to be on the battery screw, so just take it off and put it back on. That just happens sometimes from sitting around before shipping.

On a single 18650 battery, the life you get out of the battery depends on how you vape. If you’re vaping at the max of 100 watts, the battery is going to die very quickly. But if you’re using the Aegis Squonk on a single coil atomizer at something like 20-30 watts, you’ll have plenty of battery life to get through a day. It really just depends on how you vape.

You can charge the battery within the device by opening up the micro USB charger port seal and plugging it in. You can vape while it’s charging too if you need to.

Safety Features

  • 10 second cutoff
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Overcharge & discharge protection
  • Overheat protection
  • Surge protection
  • Anti-dry protection in TC mode

The Tengu RDA

Ok, now what’s really cool about this package is that it also comes with a squonking RDA called the Tengu RDA. So you get a complete kit ready to use, which is awesome. The Tengu RDA is a dual coil RDA, so on the Aegis Squonk kit, you’ll probably be using this at higher wattage.


The design of the Tengu is nice. I wouldn’t say there’s anything particularly unique about it, but it looks nice. On the barrel is a picture of the Tengu, which is a mythical creature from Japanese folklore. From what I’ve read about it, the Tengu was originally depicted as an evil being but throughout history, it eventually became depicted as a dangerous, but protective, spirit of Buddhism and the forests and mountains. And if you use emojis much, you might also recognize the Tengu emoji! U+1F47A (\0xD83Dae)

The rest of the design is pretty basic but nice. There is a honeycomb airflow on both sides of the barrel and all of the color options come with a golden drip tip, except for the stainless steel color, which comes with a clear tip.

You can get the Tengu in black, golden, blue, stainless steel, rainbow, and gunmetal.

Drip Tip and Top Cap

The pre-installed drip tip is a big 810 drip tip made of PMMA plastic, but in the package, you also have a shorter low-profile Delrin drip tip and a 510 drip tip adaptor if you want to use a smaller tip. The o-rings are built into the top cap, so you’ll need to use drip tips that don’t have o-rings on them.

The top cap and barrel are one piece on the Tengu, so you can’t take it off.


When you look into the barrel, you’ll see the rotating airflow control piece. This piece slides into slots on the deck which allows you to adjust the airflow while the RDA is all put together.

That airflow piece comes out of the barrel too, so you can easily clean it.

The one complaint that I have with the barrel is how loose it sits on the deck. It’s really loose and can slide off pretty easily, especially when it gets e-liquid on it.


The Tengu uses a side honeycomb airflow, which a lot of people usually like because it reduces turbulence and makes the vape smoother. And that’s the case here too for the most part. It’s a moderately smooth vape.

Since this uses side airflow, you need to try to position the coils at about the same level as the airflow holes. That way the airflow can hit the coil and give you the best flavor.

To adjust the airflow, all you do is turn the barrel. There are two airflow slots and you can’t adjust one without adjusting the other. Wide-open and you get a ton of airflow. You can take some big hits from this. And of course, you close it down as tight as you want too. Not enough to do mouth to lung hits, but you can get restricted lung hits.

The Deck

The deck is basically a two-post deck with a somewhat unique design to it. The design of the deck does make building the deck a little more difficult than it should be, unfortunately, because the holes are so far apart from each other.

So you’ll need to leave some extra length on the coil legs to give you enough room to bend the coils into place. I don’t really like this design.

On the top of the post is a triangular shape so that when you drip e-liquid in from the mouthpiece, the liquid flows down into the coils or the liquid well.

The pre-installed post screws are flathead screws, but there are spare hex screws in the package if you want to use those instead.

And you get tools and other spare parts in the package that you need too.


The Tengu RDA looks nice and has some unique features, but it’s a pretty basic RDA. It works well and has good flavor though.

Final Thoughts

So that’s the kit.

The Geekvape Aegis is awesome. It looks great, is super durable and water-resistant, it squonks great, and you can even turn it into a non-squonk device if you buy a standard grip to convert it. It’s a single battery device so the battery charge goes fast if you vape at high watts, so that might be a con for you, but squonks like this are really designed more for lower wattage RDAs anyway, in my opinion. Taking it apart to clean the bottle is also quite a bit of work, so that’s a slight con too. And the fill port is hard to fill with an atomizer on top. But that’s really it. No deal breakers for me and overall I think it’s a great device.

As for the Tengu RDA, I think it’s an average RDA, but it works fine and it’s awesome that Geekvape includes it in the kit. Personally, I think that Geekvape should have included a lower wattage single coil RDA with this kit since it’s only a single-battery device, but just the fact that they include an RDA in the package is cool.

So that’s it for the Aegis Squonk kit. This was sent to me for review from and you can pick up the full kit from them for $92. Although I will say that I’ve seen it for around $60 from sites like

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