GeekVape Baron RDA Review

The Baron RDA was sent to me for review from You can get it here (affiliate). This is a dual coil RDA from Geekvape with an interesting airflow control system.


  • 28.8mm tall with the drip tip
  • 24mm diameter
  • Colors: Stainless Steel, Gunmetal, Black, Gold, Rainbow, Violet, Blue
  • $27.90 from

In The Box:

  • The Baron RDA
  • Feather Cotton (with shoestring ends)
  • Two coils
  • Accessories: Spare o-rings, hex wrench, tri-tool, 510 adaptor, six post screws, squonk pin


The aesthetics of the RDA is interesting. With the skinnier middle section between the wider top and bottom, it has a unique look.

On the barrel you’ll also see the name of the RDA etched into it in big letters. It’s not the fanciest of designs, but at least you’ll never forget what tank you’re using!

The RDA overall has some heft to it, so it feels durable and made with some heavy duty metal.

Drip Tip

Starting at the top, you get a nice resin drip tip. The o-rings are inside the top cap, rather than on the drip tip, so that’s always good to see, in my opinion. It makes it compatible with most drip tips.

You also get a PMMA (or Ultem) drip tip.

And also great to see is that Geekvape included a 510 adapter, so you’re not restricted to 810 mouthpieces on the Baron RDA. And that adapter is a solid piece of metal, so it’s pretty substantial. It’s nice.

Barrel / Mid Cap

The Baron calls their top cap a mid cap, and that sort of makes sense. I would probably just call it a barrel. It doesn’t really matter what you call it, but this is the top part of the RDA. It secures onto the base of the RDA and like a sleeve over the inner barrel, or inner cap.

There are long airflow slots on both sides of the barrel and you’re not able to close off just one side, so this RDA is designed to be used only as a dual coil RDA.

Airflow Control

Geekvape calls the airflow design on the Baron a multifunctional airflow system. Rather than being built into the deck or barrel like most RDAs, this has a separate inner airflow control ring. That ring is held in place with a single o-ring inside of the deck and slips into slots on the deck to make sure it’s always in the right place.

The ring can be inserted to expose either 12 holes on each side or four long slots on each side. The slots give you more airflow and the holes give you just a little bit less.

Long Slots

With all airflow slots open, you get quite a bit of airflow. You can really notice a difference in restriction as you reduce the airflow slots on each side, so I like that.


When using the grid airflow, it functions almost identical to the slots. The only difference I notice is that it’s a little more restricted when you’re down to a single row. The one benefit I can think of with this is that it might reduce splatter from the coils while you’re vaping.

Without the airflow ring

You can also run this just fine without the airflow control ring at all. You can only run it wide open that way, but if that’s the way you like to vape, it actually might be easier to just leave that ring out.


The Baron RDA has a simple two post deck. It’s seems a little outdated to not have four holes for a dual coil RDA these days, and having to fit two coils into single holes makes the building the deck a little difficult.

The post holes are very big, so you can use some big coils in here, but you have to keep in mind that the inner airflow section is a smaller diameter than the barrel, so you’ll need to be careful about how big the coils are. For example, I used the included coils and spaced them out. I had to fit one side of the airflow section under one coil and then squeeze it in over the other.

Those included coils by the way are triple or quad core Claptons with six wraps and 3mm inner diameter. So you’ll need to keep them smaller than that if you space them.

The post screws are flat-topped flat-head screws. The accessories bag also included three spares and three other hex screws if you want to use those instead. Just unscrew them a bit, add the coils, snip the leads, and wick. It’s pretty straightforward.

The package includes big Clapton coils and some cotton threads, so you have everything you need to get this thing going right out of the box. I’m always a big fan of that.

One thing I really like about these posts are that they are angled downwards in the middle. That means if you’re dripping from the drip tip, the e-juice will roll right down into the wicks and the juice well, instead of just sitting on top of the posts. It’s a nice little feature.

The juice well is fairly deep at 6mm in depth so it can hold a decent amount of e-juice, which is always nice in an RDA.


You also have the option of using a squonk pin. The squonk hole in the deck sits a little high, so it’s not going to suck up much e-juice if you flood the tank, but it’s low enough to prevent it from coming out of the airflow holes.

One thing I wanted to mention about the squonk pin is that when I was screwing it in, the gold plating chipped off very easily on me, so that plating isn’t very durable.


The flavor is quite good. Geekvape did a good job on designing this for flavor. It probably helps that it’s so short and small, but yeah, the flavor is very nice. It’s good enough in fact, that I actually tasted a flavor in an e-juice that I couldn’t taste before. It was just a subtle mint flavor on the exhale that I knew was in the e-juice because it was mentioned in the product description, but I couldn’t taste it on other atomizers. But I could in here, so I think that’s saying something about flavor production in the Baron.

Overall Thoughts

There are some big pros and some cons as well. The best thing about it is that the flavor it produces is very good. It squonks well too. I also like that each airflow adjustment really makes a difference and that the locks on each ring make sure that you always have the airflow positioned in the right place for the coils.

But I’m not a huge fan of the the airflow control ring. It’s seems to me that they could have figured out a better way of making that airflow easier to use. The RDA also gets a little hot and it stays hot for a long time. The drip tips stay nice and cool though.

That’s it! The Baron RDA was sent to me for review from and they sell it for $27.90 (affiliate).

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