Vapefly Pixie RDA Review

The Vapefly Pixie RDA was sent to me for review from This is a short and tiny single coil flavor RDA from a company named Vapefly.


  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Height: 24mm (without drip tip)
  • Tank Material: SS/Delrin
  • Drip Material: Delrin
  • Coil Building: Single Coil
  • Thread: 510 thread
  • Colors: Gold, Rainbow, Stainless Steel, Gunmetal, and Black
  • $23.36 from

In the Box:

  • Pixie RDA
  • Bag with a multitool, a squonk pin, and an airflow insert
  • Bag of cotton wicks and coils


It’s short and tiny. It’s simple but looks really clean. It’s machined well everything is nice and smooth. I’m not a big fan of the lettering on the barrel because it’s so hard to read. If you can’t tell, it says Pixie.

It’s 22mm in diameter and only 24m tall, so it’s very small. And on the bottom is a gold-plated 510 pin.

Drip Tip

This comes with a 510 drip tip which is also removable. The Pixie has o-rings on the drip tip itself, rather than being built into the top cap, so that’s the style of drip tip you’ll need to use if you want to use your own.

Top Cap, Barrel, and Airflow

The top cap has a Delrin top to it and also a heat sink separator, both to prevent the drip tip from getting too hot.

The top cap works as the airflow control ring. It has one larger airflow slot on one side and also a single smaller airflow hole for a tighter draw. The top cap fits like a sleeve over the airflow slots on the barrel.

On the deck, you’ll find a single airflow slot. Turn the top cap to adjust airflow. The barrel has little notches on the inside that fit into place on the deck so that you don’t have to worry about it spinning freely. It locks it into place.

Airflow hits the coil from only one side of the tank, which makes sense because the posts sit all the way on the other side of the deck, so there’s no reason for airflow to come in from multiple sides.

The airflow is angled down slightly, so keep that in mind while you’re building the deck.

Airflow Inserts

This tank also has these unique Peek airflow inserts. The pre-installed insert has three holes and the one from accessories bag is wide open. They are press-fit into the barrel so to swap them out, just push them out from the inside of the barrel and push them back in from the outside of the barrel.

The pre-installed insert has three holes. You can turn the top cap around to open all three holes, just two holes, or just a single hole. I don’t think the single hole on the top cap is all that useful since you can close off all but one hole even with the wide airflow slot, but I suppose it helps to make sure no air comes in from the sides. Using one airflow hole restricts it quite a lot, but you still can’t use this as a mouth to lung RDA.

With all three airflow holes open you get much more airflow, but it still has some noticeable restriction going on.

If you remove the three-holed insert and put the wide open insert in, you get a lot more airflow than what three holes provide. So if you’re looking for more air, use that one. You can also vape this without any plug at all, and it’ll work just like with the wide open insert, but you’ll get a little whistle, so you’ll probably want to keep that insert in.

All of the options are fairly restricted, so this isn’t really designed for people who want a lot of airflow.

The Deck

It’s pretty simple to add a coil on this two-post deck. Vapefly created these little slots on the side of the deck to help you install the coil perfectly. With the coil on a screwdriver or coil tool, just set the screwdriver into the slots and tighten the coil down. Then simply clip the leads from the back.

And it’s actually a pretty big deck for such a little tiny atomizer. You can fit a decently sized coil in here. For example, the included coils are 3mm in diameter.

The juice well is pretty small though, so it can’t hold a ton of juice, so you’ll have to refill it often if you’re dripping, but it’s not a big deal at all if you’re into squonking.

If you like squonking, there is a squonk pin in the accessories bag. I’ve found that it works well. The squonk pin does sit a little high and on a raised platform, so it’s not going to suck up a lot of excess e-juice from the deck, but it does pull any e-juice in that could leak from the airflow holes, so it works great for that. And because the deck is so small, you do have to be careful about filling it up so that it doesn’t leak, but because the angled airflow, if you watch it closely, you can stop squonking before it overflows. It also helps to tilt the deck away from the airflow.

Performance and Flavor

With such a small deck, you might be worried about spit back, but I haven’t had any issues with spit back at all.

If you chain vape, the atomizer will get a little hot, but that’s what I expected for a little RDA like this.

The airflow isn’t vast with most of the airflow hole options, but that’s not really what this RDA was designed for. It’s designed for restricted lung hits and lots of flavor… and this RDA has lots of flavor.

So I think that pretty much covers it. This is a simple, easy to use, single coil, restricted airflow RDA. You have the option to squonk if you want and the flavor is very good. Overall, it’s a very nice atomizer.

This was sent to me for review from and you can get it from them for $23.36

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