GeekVape Cerberus Subohm Tank Review

The Cerberus Subohm tank from GeekVape was sent to me for review from This is a 27mm tank that uses mesh coils and has a 5.5ml e-juice capacity.

Let’s talk more about it.


  • 27mm diameter
  • Mesh coils
  • 5.5ml or 4ml e-juice capacity
  • Bottom airflow
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Gunmetal, Rainbow, and Stainless Steel
  • $33.90 at

In the box:

  • The Cerberus tank with bubble glass pre-installed
  • A spare 4ml straight glass tank
  • Two Super Mesh X1 Cois, one pre-installed
  • 1 x User Manual
  • Spare Parts

Drip Tip

The Cerberus comes with one typical 810 Delrin drip tip. You can use other 810 drip tips in here just fine, but because the included tip is about 18.6mm wide, you’ll need one that’s about the same size if you want it to sit flush on the tank. But even smaller tips look fine on here.

The Top Cap and Filling the Tank

The top cap is exactly like the Intake RTA if you have one for reference. I love this design because rather than threading it on, instead you slide it under tabs and it sits securely. That means you don’t have to worry about the threads getting so tight that you need pliers to get it off. So I’m a big fan of this design.

The one drawback with this though is that it’s a little too tight. You need to push down hard before twisting to get it on or off.

But other than that, it’s good. The fill holes are big so no problems getting e-juice in there.


The Cerberus comes with bubble glass preinstalled, which holds a max of 5.5ml. The package also has a regular straight glass tank which holds 4ml. If you’re running this tank at high-wattage, which is really what it’s designed to do, you’ll probably want the extra capacity of the bubble glass.


Putting the tank together is as easy as any other tank. I did find that putting the glass onto the top cap section first works better than putting the glass on the deck first. But other than that, just screw in the coil and put everything back together and get to vaping.

Cerberus Mesh Coils

The Cerberus uses what Geekvape is calling a Super Mesh coil system. I’m not sure what makes it SUPER mesh, but honestly, these coils kick ass.

They are the same coils used in Geekvape’s Illusion Mini tank, the Aero Mesh tank, and the Shield Tank, so if you’re looking for replacements, you’ll probably find them listed as IM & Aero Mesh coils.

The coil that Geekvape designed this tank for is called the Super Mesh X1 Coil, which is 0.2ohm coil head rated to work best between 60-80W but can go up to 90 watts. I’ve been using it at 90 watts just fine.

You can also buy the 0.4ohm IM1 for 40-60 watt vaping or the 0.15ohm IM4 coil for using between 60-80 watts.

The coils cost around $12 to $15 per 5-pack for the IM1 coils or around $20 per 5-pack for the high-wattage X1’s.

Interestingly, the Cerberus is also compatible with Smok TFV8 Baby Coils (the Cerberus coils also work in the Smok TFV8). I’m really surprised that Geek Vape actually mentions this on their product page since Smok is technically a competing brand, but I love that they did this. I think it really makes this tank even more useful and appealing. The TFV8 coils won’t perform anywhere near as well, but it’s good to have this option if you’ve got them laying around.


This is a bottom airflow tank, which means it’s designed for better flavor, although that does make it more likely to leak. I haven’t had any problems at all with leaking though. I’ve filled it up tons of times, I leave it in my backpack where it gets tossed and turned, and no leaks whatsoever.

The airflow control ring moves smoothly and stops in both directions. You can close it down pretty tight to get a restricted lung draw, or you can open it wide open to get massive hits on the 90-watt coils.

The airflow is a bit turbulent, which makes the tank a little noisy, but nothing too annoying.


The flavor from prebuilt mesh coil heads have been amazing in every tank I’ve tried them in and this tank is no different. The flavor is crazy. In fact, this might be the best flavor I’ve gotten from a mesh tank yet. I can’t believe how good the flavor is.

Final Thoughts sells the Cerberus for $33.90 and in my opinion it’s totally worth it. There are really only a couple of cons that I have and it’s that the airflow is a little loud and that the top cap is hard to take off. But that’s it. The airflow doesn’t bother me and I’m guessing that over time the top cap will loosen up, so those aren’t big deals for me at all. But the pros make up for everything. It’s easy to fill and set up, the X1 coils perform perfectly at the max 90 watts, and the flavor is so good that I can’t see how it can get any better.

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