Steepd Vape Co.’s Sparkle E-Juice Review

This e-juice was sent to me for review from Steepd Vape Co..

The Details

This is a Max VG e-juice and the prices online range from around 8-15 British pounds for 40-50mls.

Description: A summers say thirst quencher of natural raspberries and freshly squeezed fizzy lemonade.

Ingredients: The flavor ingredients listed on the bottle are raspberry, orange, lemon, and sweetener.

Smell: When I first opened this, I forgot what it was supposed to be and it smelled like a grape sparkling water. I got the grape wrong, obviously, since grape isn’t in here, but it’s crazy how well the “sparkling” smell comes out.

How It Tastes

This flavor is absolutely delicious. It’s a sweet sparkling fruity drink for sure. It just seems so refreshing. I get the lemon on the inhale which gives it that zesty lemonade flavor and the raspberry and orange flavors come together perfectly on the exhale to give it that sweet and citrusy flavor.

There is a little more sugary sweetness in this one than some of the other e-liquids in this line. I think that sweetness makes it taste a lot more like a real sweet lemonade.

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