E-Liquid Review: G Vapers Blackberry Yogurt

G Vapers sent me a 30ml bottle of their Blackberry Yogurt e-juice in exchange for a review. Blackberry Yogurt is one of 19 flavors available from Gvapers.com.

Product Specs

  • 30ml – 7.99
  • 60ml – 12.99
  • 120ml – 22.99

Nicotine levels available: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Description: Blackberry yogurt

The Review

This is the last of the three flavors that G Vapers sent me. The first one, Dank Sauce, I really liked a lot. I’ve nearly finished the whole bottle already. The other flavor was Strawberry Banana Twist, which was also pretty good, but not as good as Dank Sauce, although that’s just my personal preference. And this last one up for review is Blackberry Yogurt!

The Bottle

One of the things that I really like about G Vapers is that their bottles have professional labels. It goes to show that you don’t need cartoons and bright colors for your e-juice to look appealing. The plastic bottles are also made of soft plastic, which makes them easy to squeeze.

The Smell

This flavor has a very interesting smell, almost like sour milk. NOT like rotten milk, let me assure you, but like you’d expect yogurt to smell. It wasn’t what I was expecting at first, but after remembering that this is a yogurt-flavored e-juice, the smell made sense. I can also smell the blackberry flavor, but it’s light.

The Review

For this review I used the Stentorian Chieftain 220w Box Mod at 60 watts with the Omni RDA on top built at 0.31 ohms.

At first, I only got a slight hint of yogurt flavor, but as I took more pulls, the yogurt flavor really started to come out. This e-juice also has a nice creamy mouthfeel, which adds to the experience of vaping a yogurt flavor.

The blackberry flavor also comes through well. It’s not strong, but it’s clearly a blackberry flavor. As you know, blackberries are not a sweet flavor. They’re slightly bitter. And that’s what you get out of this e-juice.

The one drawback that I’ve found with this flavor is that it’s slightly harsh. I think that might be caused by the blackberry flavoring because harshness is actually common in fruit flavorings. The throat hit isn’t bad, but it’s there and I think it should be mentioned.

Final Thoughts

Like G Vapers other flavors, this one seems pretty accurate to its description. It tastes like a blackberry yogurt. I would have liked for this one to have a stronger flavor profile overall (both yogurt and blackberry), but it’s still pretty good. They also did a great job with the sourness of the yogurt.

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