Wotofo Profile 1.5 RDA Review

The Wotofo Profile 1.5 (affiliate) was sent to me for review from Wotofo. This is the next iteration of the original Profile RDA, which was awesome. Since this is only a 0.5 upgrade, its obviously not a huge design change, but let’s talk about what’s different here.



  • 24mm diameter
  • Clamp style deck
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Squonk Compatible
  • 3 new mesh strip options
  • Spring loaded support to prevent hot spots on mesh
  • Colors: Stainless Steel, Gunmetal, Black, Blue, Gold, and Rainbow


The Profile 1.5 looks pretty much the same as the original, which makes sense since it’s a small upgrade. And I’m glad it’s the same because it’s a very good looking RDA. The main difference that you’ll notice from the original is that it’s bigger.

New Mesh Strips

As everyone knows by now, mesh strips are the key to the amazing performance of the Profile RDA. The original Profile came with a decent set of mesh strips, which had great flavor, but it resulted in a very cool vape, which some people complained about. Then a company named OFRF came along and created an even better mesh strip for the Profile, which had better flavor and could be vaped at higher wattages, although it was still cooler than a lot of RDA users liked.

After the success of OFRF NexMesh strips, Wotofo acquired the brand and now Wotofo is releasing newly designed NexMesh strips. There are three options to pick from; NEXMESH CHILL, TURBO, and EXTREME. The mesh strips are 1.4 times the size of the original strips, so they aren’t interchangeable with the original Profile. But if you have larger mesh material that you want to cut to the right size, Wotofo’s pre-cut strips are cut at 17mm x 8.5mm.

You can see from closeups of the mesh strips that the differences are in how finely threaded they are and the shapes punched into the metal.


This is a 0.15ohm mesh strip designed to be vaped between 60-80 watts. This version of mesh is very similar to the performance of the original. It has really good flavor, but it’s a very cool vape, even at the max of 80 watts. Personally I like this one better at the lower end of the recommended wattage settings at around 60-65 watts because the flavor seems more prominent and the heat is nearly the same as it is at 80 watts. The pattern cut into this mesh is sort of like a stop sign.


This is a 0.13 ohm mesh strip that is designed to vape between 60-80 watts. This mesh has square patterns punched into the material, which reduces the open space within the mesh just slightly more than the CHILL version. This allows this strip to give better flavor. This also means that there is more metal, which means it has a higher resistance and a warmer and denser vape if you want it. It’s not a whole lot warmer than the CHILL strips, but there is a difference for sure and the flavor is better too.


This is 0.16 ohm mesh designed to vaped between 60-80 watts. This version of mesh is actually threaded, rather than being a strip of metal with holes punched into it. This mesh has the warmest vape of all the strips, so here’s where I think a lot of RDA users will come to enjoy the Profile 1.5. This mesh gives you more flavor, thicker clouds, and more heat. It’s still not hot and it’s cooler than a typical RDA, but these strips perform much closer to a traditional RDA, which I really like.

Drip Tips

You get two drip tips with the Profile 1.5. Both are 810 wide bore tips, but one is taller and the other is a shorty low profile tip. Both have the same design and they’re really nice resin drip tips. There’s not a lot to say other than that these look really nice, they’re comfortable to use, and they let a lot of airflow through. They’re perfect for this RDA.

Top Cap

The top cap is very simple. It has two wide airflow slots and two wide walls to close off the top airflow holes on the barrel.

Barrel and Air Flow

The barrel has two rows of airflow holes on each side of the barrel and you can’t close off just one side. Wotofo says the Profile 1.5 offers three styles of airflow, which I guess is true, but it’s a little misleading. Basically, you can open both rows at the same time or just the bottom row. They say the third option is having all airflow open, but that’s not different than any other RDA, which is why I say it’s misleading. But whatever.

On the inside of the barrel are also some protruding areas that are designed to lock the barrel into place on the deck so that it won’t spin around when you’re trying to loosen or tighten the tank on your device.

The Deck

The deck on the Profile 1.5 is very much like the original. It still has the same style of clamps, but they are further apart, which means they can hold large mesh strips. And as I mentioned earlier, the new mesh strips are 1.4 times bigger than the original. Why not 1.5x to match the version number?

And the feature that really made the original RDA work so well where lots of other mesh RDAs failed, is the spring-loaded ceramic cotton support.

So if you’re not familiar with the issues that other mesh RDAs dealt with, the problem was that mesh fires extremely fast and across the entire surface evenly. That means that the cotton wick also needs to completely cover the entire surface of at least one side of the mesh strip because if it doesn’t, you get a hot spot that can burn the cotton and give you the worst hit of your life.

The spring-loaded support reduces those issues from happening because it pushes the cotton into the bottom of the mesh strip, which prevents the mesh from having any areas not being touched by cotton. It doesn’t totally prevent it from happening, but it does make it much less likely to get a hot spot. Something else to keep in mind is that if you wick too loosely, the cotton can collapse after it’s saturated and there won’t be enough to push against the mesh strip. And that’s why it needs to be packed much tighter than what you’re used to with other RDAs.

The ceramic support in the 1.5 has also been updated with these ridges, which Wotofo says helps to guide the e-liquid to the sides of the cotton.

The deck is super easy to build, but there are several steps you need to take. If you’ve used the original, you already know how to do this, but if this is new to you, here’s the process. Start by bending the mesh strip around the larger end of the included coil tool. Then place the strips into the clamps and tighten each side down. This next step probably isn’t absolutely necessary, but it’s good to make sure the strip is even. So with the skinny end of the coil tool, push up beneath the strip. Then fire it to make sure it fires evenly and to clean any dirt or skin oils off of it. Then you can wick it.

I cut the wick just a little outside of the base of the deck and then tuck it in. And because there’s so much cotton in here, you’ll want to make sure it’s really saturated. I make sure it’s soaked before I start using it. But once it’s soaked, you won’t have to worry too much about it getting dry too fast.

I want to go back to my point about issues with Mesh RDAs. So here’s a good example. If you use the cotton wicks that Wotofo makes for other RDA’s you can see that it’s much thinner than what comes in the package of the Profile 1.5. If you use too little cotton, the cotton will light on fire. You definitely don’t want to take a hit of a flame. So make sure you have this wicked really tight.


The Profile 1.5 works great for both dripping and squonking, but like the original, it really shines in squonk mode. When squonking, the e-liquid pushes up into the bottom of the cotton to keep it saturated. The squonking feature works great and I have no complaints about it.

Final Thoughts

That’s it for the Profile 1.5 RDA. When comparing it to the original, it’s every bit as good and better, which it should be. I like the bigger size, the spring feels stronger, I like having more space in the deck and the new mesh strips are great. I would still like the heat to be hotter, but that’s just not how mesh works and it’s not really what this RDA was designed to do. It’s designed for flavor and performance, while still offering slightly more heat than the original, and I think it does a great job of doing that.

That’s it! This was sent to me for review from Wotofo and you can pick up the Profile 1.5 RDA (affiliate) from them at Wotofo.com

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