The Media Falsely Claims a Company Evacuated For Illnesses Was a Vape Company

Did you hear about that vape manufacturing company that was evacuated with 31 people being treated at the hospital with breathing problems and nausea and one person suffering a seizure?

The company is called Thermal Circuits out of Salem, Massachusetts who manufactures various heaters and assemblies.

But the thing is, they don’t make any parts for vape products, which was even confirmed by an employee there.

I’m not sure what prompted all of these media outlets to claim it was a vape manufacturer, but definitely something fishy about this one.

Anyway, HAZMAT crews came in and found nothing. There was chlorine leak that happened two hours earlier but isn’t believed to be the cause. They also had new carpet installed, which they thought could have caused nausea but the hazmat crew found nothing wrong.

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