Ohmwreckers – Jacked by VaporizedSTL.com – Mixed Berry E-Juice

VaporizedSTL.com hooked me up with Jacked for free for the purpose of review.

They describe “Jacked” as a melon berry flavor, twisted and jacked up.


They have a nice square glass blue bottle. The logo is fun and original, although not of the best print quality. The e-juice itself is a nice golden color.

The bottle that they gave me is 6mg nicotine, is made in their shop here in the USA, and contains VG, natural, and artificial flavors. Their bottles also have a “born-on-date” and batch number.

The Smell

It smells very much like what it’s described to be – mixed berries, but with some additional sweetness added. Not like candy, but just a more powerful berry flavor. It smells very good.

The Flavor

I tested this on the Chieftain 220 Watt box mod set at 60 watts using the Omni RDA built at 0.5 ohms.

It clearly has a fruity melon berry taste, but it’s so light that I have trouble tasting everything that should be in here. The throat hit is also smooth at 6mg of nicotine. Not harsh at all. The vapor is super-thick, which makes sense for a max-VG e-juice. The flavor seems to be fairly accurate, but it’s extremely light, which could be caused by the high ratio of VG.

Final Thoughts

If you like light flavors, you’d probably like this one, but for me, it’s just not flavorful enough. It’s a good melon berry flavor, though. In an atomizer designed for flavor-chasing, I might enjoy it a bit more.

Jacked comes in nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. A 30 ML costs $20 and a 120 ML bottle costs $40. Pick it up here.

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