Ohmwreckers – Powder Keg by VaporizedSTL.com – Powdered Candy E-Juice

This one comes from the guys at VaporizedSTL.com. They gave me several bottles of their e-juice in exchange for review and today I’ll be talking about Powder Keg. They describe Powder Keg as a candy explosion devastating your taste buds.


It comes in a nice glass blue bottle. The label calls out that this e-juice is made in the USA, contains VG, natural, and artificial flavors. The label also contains a batch number and born-on-date. The e-juice itself is a nice clear color.

Taste and Smell

It smells really sweet. They describe this as a candy flavor but I don’t smell any specific candy in there.

For this review I used the Chieftain 220w box mod at 20 watts with the Veritas RDA built at 0.81 ohms.

At first I couldn’t tell what kind of candy this was supposed to taste like, but after taking several hits, it finally hit me. It reminded me a lot of sweet tarts or smarties. After putting two and two together (the name of the e-juice), I realized that I was probably correct in my guess.

It definitely tastes like some sort of a powdery candy. I find it very interesting that I could get that “powdery” flavor from a vape. I actually noticed the powder flavor (mouthfeel?) even after having forgot that the word “powder” is in the name. I also got a bit of a Skittles taste out of this e-juice. The flavor is good, although extremely light.

Final Thoughts

Like the other flavors in the Ohm Wrecker’s line of e-juice, it’s just way too light for my liking. Five to ten hits and I can’t even taste it anymore. If you like very light flavors (and I mean very light), this might be one you’d be interested in.

Powder Keg comes in nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. A 30 ML costs $20 and a 120 ML bottle costs $40. Pick it up here.

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