One Hit Wonder E-Liquid Full Line Review


Updated 09/02/16

I reviewed most of One Hit Wonder E-Liquid’s line of flavors, minus the Police Man, because that flavor didn’t exist when I bought these samples! I’ve done something a little different in this review by pairing each flavor with a different craft beer. I debated doing this because I didn’t want people to think I was trying to copy Grimm Green, but I’m a big craft beer guy and it’s something I’ve wanted to do, so I just said screw it. Let me know what you think about the pairings!

This is a long one, but I’ve included time-stamps below for each section.

Update: It’s been several months since my original review and I wanted to provide an update after mostly finishing these flavors. My final opinion on these would be that they are all decent flavors, but they aren’t outstanding. There’s also way too much sweetener in all of them. I tried to finish up the last of My Man and Muffin Man last week and I couldn’t because my coils were gunking up too fast. I only had like 2ml of each left! Thats how fast my coils were getting gunked up! And what’s interesting is that there’s so much sweetener that I think it almost mutes the flavors. I think OHW e-juices are a great value for the cost, but I only like their e-juices on occasion, which is why I wouldn’t buy from them again since they only sell in very large bottles.

Time Stamps:

You can watch the video on YouTube and click the live time-stamps in the video description to more easily navigate to the sections you’re interested in.

  • 1:06 The PairWise App
  • 1:47 Muffin Man
  • 6:04 Muffin Man Pairing: Funkwerks Saison
  • 7:17 Rocket Man
  • 10:29 Rocket Man Pairing: Oskar Blues Hotbox Coffee Porter
  • 11:28 Milk Man
  • 13:51 Milk Man Pairing: Ole Jubilation Ale from Avery Brewing Co.
  • 14:47 My-Man
  • 17:17 My-Man Pairing: Shock Top
  • 18:03 Final Thoughts
  • 18:51 Tip for getting sample sizes

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