Purple Haze by Drip Addict – Grape Bubblegum

Purple Haze was sent to me for review from VapeVandal.com. They are an online vape shop whose been around for more than four years, so not a fly-by-night setup. They’re based out of Malaysia but they ship to over 80 countries. And because they’re out of Malaysia they have a ton of Malaysian e-juices, which is really cool, but they also carry U.S. and Japan liquids too.

Alright well lets talk about Purple Haze. This is from a line called Drip Addict, made by a company named Juice Tuners.

The Details

Juice Tuners describes Purple Haze as a refreshing fresh grape mix with the sweetness of bubble gum.

The first thing I noticed about the bottle is that it doesn’t have a child-proof cap. My guess is that it’s not a law in Malaysia, but I just want to point that out for anyone who might have kids. There is a seal under the cap so that it won’t leak. Another thing to note is that this twist cap is designed for dripping. It’ll be hard to fill a tank with a small fill hole with this bottle.

Smell: It smells like a strong sweet grape soda. It reminds me a lot of Grape Drank from Ruthless.

How It Tastes

It’s not mentioned on the bottle, on Juice Tuners Facebook page, or on Vape Vandal’s website, but this has a cooling agent. I’ve had several e-juices from Malaysia before and they also never mention it when they have it, but menthol or koolada seems to be very popular there, so I actually kind of expected it.

That cooling sensation is strong, so that’ll be something you’d have to like in your e-juice. Beyond that though, it really does taste like a grape soda or grape bubblegum, but the grape flavor has a sort of earthiness aftertaste to it, which is different. Overall, the flavor is decently strong and pretty sweet.

Alright, that’s it. This is a 60VG/40PG e-juice. Purple Haze comes in 55ml bottles and VapeVandal.com sells it for $8.75 US.

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