Review of Evan37 CBD Tincture Travel Pack

This CBD-Infused Tincture Travel Pack was sent to me for review from Evan37. This is a travel pack of CBD tincture that you would drop into your mouth. This isn’t vape-related and my channel is focused on vaping. I have no plans to move away from vaping so this is probably going to be the only review I do for something like this but I really like these guys so I decided I’d go ahead and talk about this one. They also sent me some Delta-10 cartridges and e-juice, which are vape-related, so I’ll have those up too.

You get a nice box with three bottles of different flavors; unflavored, peppermint, and tropical

These are

  • 15ml bottles
  • Derived from organically grown hemp
  • THC-Free
  • and contain 250mg CBD

How Much CBD To Take

Each bottle has 250mg of CBD and 15mL of liquid, so that breaks down to around 16mg of CBD per mL, and that’s also what Evans37 considers a serving size. The confusing thing for me is that label says 16mg or 1mL is about 15-20 drops, but the directions on the label suggest a full dropper to get 1mL.

But a full dropper is way more than 20 drops. I realize it’s hard to get a precise measurement in drops so I wish that their droppers included a 1mL measurement line. I’ve found that a full dropper is pretty accurate to 1mL and that comes out to about 40 drops.

Aside from the measurement inaccuracies on the label, you should get about 15 full-sized doses per bottle or 45 doses in a travel pack. That seems pretty good to me.

This is medium-strength CBD, so it’s going to work best for people who need lower doses of CBD to treat whatever symptoms you’re dealing with. That also depends on your weight and body chemistry. You probably already know this stuff if you take CBD regularly but if you’re new to CBD, here’s where to start:

5-15mg of CBD:

  • Body aches and soreness
  • Minor headaches
  • Mild to Moderate anxiety
  • Occasional insomnia
  • Stress

So these issues would take anywhere from a half to a full dose of Evans37 CBD.

15-30mg of CBD:

  • Moderate pain
  • Long-term inflammation
  • Moderate anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Digestive problems (IBS, Crohn’s gut inflammation, etc.)
  • Moderate headaches

For issues like these, you’d take one or two full doses of Evans37.

And like I mentioned, doses depend on things like weight and body chemistry so you might find more or less works better for you. If you need to take more, it’s generally recommended that you experiment with adding around 5mg each time until you find that sweet spot.

How to Use This CBD Tincture

You can drop the tincture onto your tongue but for the best results, Evans37 recommends dropping it under the tongue and holding it there for 30 seconds then swallowing it.

Flavors Included in the Travel Pack

So as I mentioned, there are three flavors that come in this travel pack.

Unflavored – Although it’s unflavored, it’s actually sweet. I use a high-strength CBD tincture regularly and that one is extremely earthy and gritty. To be fair, it’s raw hemp and super strong. But this surprised me because it actually tastes really good. It tastes clean, smooth, and sweet.

Peppermint – Just like the unflavored bottle, this tastes really clean. The flavor is mild and not over-sweetened and not really any earthiness at all. The peppermint is really nice.

Tropical – This one is also mild and sweetened just enough. I think it’s perfect. The tropical flavor is nice and refreshing

Final Thoughts

So that’s the travel pack from Evans37. It’s a great little variety pack of flavors. I’ve been really happy with this tincture and I think this is probably the best CBD tincture I’ve had; all of the flavors taste crisp and clean, they’re all sweetened, but not over-sweetened, and I think the formula here would be pleasing for most people. It’s also really affordable too. I can’t talk about prices here but I think it’s set at a good price.

This was sent to me for review from Evans37.

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