Review of Evan37 Delta-10 Vape Juice

Evan37 sent me these products for the purpose of review. This is Delta-10 e-liquid, which is a new strain of THC that’s growing in popularity. I don’t usually do these types of reviews but I’ve never tried Delta-10 before and I was really interested in the experience so here we are!

Evan37’s Evolve Delta-10 Vape Juice line comes in either 500mg or 1200mg concentration. Each bottle has 30ml’s of liquid, it has zero Delta-9, and is made with 60% VG and 40% PG.

500mg bottles cost $25.97 and 1200mg bottles cost $39.97, which you can get from their site here.

Flavors in Evan37’s Evolve E-Juice Line

Evan37 makes five flavors currently. They sent me French Vanilla and Green Apple but they also make Tropical, Strawberry, and Grape.

In my tests, French Vanilla smells like a strong, dark, and rich vanilla, like a vanilla extract. And it tastes pretty much the same, just a little lighter than it smells. But it’s still a nice rich vanilla. The herbal flavor is very, very light too.

The Green Apple liquid tastes like a nice sweet candy-like green apple, sort of like a green apple Jolly Rancher. It’s really good. The herbal flavor is a little stronger here than it is with the French Vanilla but still pretty light.

Final Thoughts

So that’s the Evolve Delta-10 Vape Juice line from Evan37. The two flavors I tried taste very good and the THC is the real deal. It has zero Delta-9 in it, but it works about the same for me.

I also tested this e-liquid in Evan37’s cartridges and you might be wondering how they compare. It’s the same liquid but the cartridges are far more concentrated. The cartridge has 1000mg of THC in 1ml of liquid, while this vape juice breaks down to about 16mg per ml for the 500mg bottle or 40mg of THC per ml in the 1200mg bottle.

So clearly this e-liquid is much less potent than the cartridge but there are benefits to that.

  • For one, you can vape this in any setup you want. I’ve been using it in an RDA, built the way I like for the way I like to vape.
  • This e-juice is also more affordable than the cartridges, by about $10
  • And the biggest benefit for me is that I don’t get as high as I do with the cartridges, or at least not as fast. The cartridges gave me a really strong high after only a single hit.

I’ll be totally transparent with you though, I don’t use THC often, so I’m very much a lightweight. But I personally don’t like getting really high. So this gives me way more control over how I want to feel.

And that’s why I prefer the e-liquid over the cartridges. I can sit with it for several hits, really just relax and enjoy the experience, and I can get to a place I like without overdoing it.

This was sent to me for review from Evan37 and you can pick it up here.

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  1. can you put this in a regular geek vape aegis boost pro or do you have to get a whole new device? and will it mix with regular nicotine juice? I’ve asked this company 3 times and so far no answer so I’ll try here


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