Review of SereneTree Delta-8 E-liquids

Serene Tree sent over a few of their Delta-8 e-liquids for review.

You can get these in 30ml bottles in 1500mg concentrations for $39.99 and 500mg concentrations for $25.99.

They sent me four flavors:

But they also have:

Grape Delta-8

This tastes great. I was expecting a heavy herb flavor, which I’ve found to be common with herb-based e-juices, but this had hardly any herb flavor. I get a little herbiness, which tastes good, but I also get a lot of that mild grape flavor. It’s very good. I like this one a lot.

French Vanilla Delta-8

The light vanilla combined with the light herbal flavor go together really well here. Vanilla seems like a natural accompaniment to something like this. It’s a nice vanilla too. It’s light but also with an authentic rich vanilla taste. It’s excellent.

Strawberry Delta-8

Like the other flavors, it’s a very mild sweet strawberry. It’s a perfect mix of both herb and strawberry and not too strong in either flavor. It’s hard to explain these flavors, but they’re so smooth and fluffy. This one did have some slightly stronger throat hit and made me cough.

Tropical Delta-8

This is another very light flavor. Again, you can taste a very light herb flavor combined with a light tropical flavor. I don’t know exactly what flavors are supposed to be in this, but it matches its tropical name. I think it’s more like pineapple with possibly some coconut and maybe some lighter concentrations of other fruits. Of all the flavors SereneTree sent me, this is the only one with an earthy aftertaste. I would prefer that it didn’t, but it doesn’t ruin it for me. It’s still pretty good.

Final Thoughts

If you’re unfamiliar with Delta-8 THC, it has a much smaller psychoactive effect than normal THC, which is Delta 9. So for most people, Delta-8 gives you relaxation effects, euphoria, mild pain relief, and food cravings. It’s not entirely non-psychoactive like CBD is, but you’ll get a more mild clear-headed high. And for people who get anxiety from normal THC but still want more of an effect than CBD gives you, that’s the benefit of Delta-8.

So the big question is, how did this e-juice make me feel? Good, actually. I get a mild high that makes me feel calm and relaxed, and I can still focus on things like reading. I’m enjoying it.

This was sent to me for review from, and you can get it from them in 30ml bottles in 1500mg concentrations for $39.99 and 500mg concentrations for $25.99.

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