Review of the Vaptex Mechax Pod Device

The Vaptex Mechax is a pod device with a 400mAh internal battery, a 2mL e-juice capacity, and a design that is intended for MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping (learn more about it here). It also has a unique see-through mechanical design, which is where it gets its name from.


  • 400 mAh internal battery
  • MTL Adjustable airflow
  • 2ml capacity pods
  • 1.0 Ohm coils
  • USB-C rechargeable
  • Colors: Mecha Orange, Shadow Black, and Royal Blue

In the Box

  • Mechax device
  • 1 Pod
  • USB-Cable


The most notable feature of the Mechax is the design. The device has a very mechanical look to it. The casing is clear and you can see inside the casing which has metal screws and the computer chip. They’re going for a very mechanical futuristic look.

Vaptex wanted these devices to be really light, and they are at only 33 grams of weight. They’re very light. But they don’t feel so light that they seem cheap. It actually feels really durable. They measure 109.3mm long and 22.5mm wide, so overall, they have a small footprint and are nice and compact.

Adjustable Airflow

The device has adjustable airflow and is designed for mouth-to-lung vaping. To adjust the airflow there’s a slider switch on the side of the device. There are three airflow intake slots on the slider so you have a few different options there for adjusting the airflow.

With the airflow closed down as far as it goes It’s a very tight draw; and exactly how I like to vape devices like this. It’s just like a tight-draw disposable. And with the airflow as open as it can be, it’s still a mouth-to-lung hit but it’s a lot airier. And it’s still a satisfying hit. I think Vaptex got the airflow adjustments perfect on here.

To take a hit, you can use the firing button or you can just start hitting it. Auto draw works perfectly here and seems to perform exactly like button fire. I’ve actually found that I like air draw better than using the button. But if you like the button, you have it. It’s clicky and feels good.


At the top of the pod is a nice comfortable tip. It works great. The pod has a nice restriction too so you get a good strong hit from it each time.

The pods hold 2ml of e-liquid and are designed to be leak resistant. These are side-filling pods so to fill them up you do need to take the pod out of the device. But it’s all easy to do. You just open up the silicone seal and fill it up. It’s all the normal stuff. The pods drop right into the device and are held in place with strong magnets. Vaptex recommends removing the pod if you don’t plan to use the device for an extended period of time, which makes sense because pod devices like these almost always leak when they sit for a long time. I think that’s good advice. But I will say that I’ve had a full pod on here for several weeks and I haven’t had any issues with leaking or condensation under the pod.


The coils used in the pods are 1.0-ohm mesh coils made using photo etching technology. The use of photo etching probably doesn’t mean a whole lot to any of us but Vaptex claims that this technology makes the coil more precise and it heats more evenly, so you get better performance and flavor. I can’t really speak to those claims as far as this coil compares to other types of mesh coils but I do get really great hits from this and the flavor is excellent. I really enjoy how these pods perform.

The Internal Battery

The battery inside the device is a 400 mAh battery that charges using USB-C and can be fully charged in under an hour. One thing I noticed with charging this is that it won’t charge with a USB-PD charging cable and that’s something I’ve noticed with a lot of devices. It’s not a big deal, but just something to be aware of. You’ll be fine with the included cable.

Final Thoughts

This has to be one of my favorite pod devices ever. It’s fairly basic as far as it functions but I’ve been using Pod Candy e-liquid in this, which is designed to taste just like a disposable, and it works perfectly here. That e-liquid and this device seem meant for each other. It’s just like a disposable in how it performs and tastes. I absolutely love this thing.

And it’s a really nice-looking device too. I think the see-through mechanical design is really cool. The button is nice and clicky so it feels good to use and the device is small and lightweight so the whole thing feels good in your hand. And the pods work well too and have really good flavor production. I also really like the airflow on this. With devices like these, I really look for tighter draw hits, and this is perfect for that. And you also have an airflow adjustment switch so that you can fine-tune it to the way you like. It works really well.

I really don’t have anything to complain about here. The only thing I can really think of would be that they would have been nice if this had some sort of adjustable wattage. That would have been a really nice feature. But otherwise, this thing works great.

The Mechax was sent to me for review from Vaptex and you can check it out on their site here.

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