Review of the VOOPOO Argus P2 Pod Vape

The VOOPOO Argus P2 was sent to me for review from Sourcemore (get it here and use discount code VP2K). This is the latest version in the Argus P line of pod devices, sticking with the futuristic mechanical style of other devices in the line and featuring a refillable pod, multiple modes, a large battery, and a max of 30 watts.


I reviewed the Argus P1s a couple of months ago, which were stick-style devices. The P2 is now a square device. I like that they’ve completely changed the shape because it really makes it feel like a totally new version rather than a small upgrade.

Like the P1s, VOOPOO has combined a futuristic style with mechanical elements. The metallic body is sleek and modern and looks like something Apple would release. The screen side of the device is clear and displays the chipboard, but also has a sort of cyberpunk LED light display.

The pod inserts into the top of the device. Above the screen, there’s a round mode button, an airflow adjustment switch and lanyard hole on the side, and a USB-C charging port on the bottom.

The P2 comes in the colors of Black, Gray, Red, Green, Violet Purple, Steel Blue, Pink, and White

The size is 3” tall, 2” wide, and about ½” thick

Using the Mode Button

There are two modes: shift mode and power mode.

  • Power Mode – this lets you adjust the wattage to whatever you want in one-watt increments, from 5 to 30 watts.
  • Shift Mode – This mode has three power levels, so you have less control of the wattage, but it’s much simpler to use. The three modes are Eco, Normal, and SPT.

I’ve found that Shift mode works just fine for my needs.

If you go into wattage mode, you can see what the max wattage is for whatever pod you’re using because it won’t let you go any higher than the pod can handle. For example, the max wattage for the 0.7 Ohm pod is 18 watts. The 0.4 Ohm pod goes to the full 30 watts.

Adjustable Airflow

This has an adjustable airflow switch on the side of the device. It slides smoothly so that you can fine-tune it however you want. It opens up three airflow intakes.

The the airflow wide open, I get a comfortable restricted lung draw. It hits really well. With the airflow closed all the way down, it’s not fully sealed, but just about. That means you can also get as tight of a draw as you could want on here. The only issue I have with the adjustable airflow is that it’s kind of hard to see how far it’s open, especially when you’re really trying to get a tight draw with the airflow just barely open. It’s hard to see the holes.

The Display Screen

The 0.54” OLED screen shows your battery percentage, wattage settings, pod resistance, and hit counter. It’s all white text, so it’s basic, but it looks fine, bright, and easy to see.

Below the screen are five rows of LED lights, which light up in a range of colors.

You can set the screen so that both the screen and lights are on, the lights are on, but the screen is off, or the screen is on, and the lights are off.

The P2 Pods

The Argus P2 can use the same pods as the previous Argus pod devices, but VOOPOO also created a new line of top-fill cartridges that are compatible with the older Argus devices in the line. That’s nice, so you don’t have to remove the pod to fill it up.

VOOPOO also guarantees that the pods won’t leak for 30 days. If you’re familiar with pods, you’ll know that’s a big claim. Pods tend to leak after a couple of weeks, so 30 days is really good.

They also claim that the pods will retain excellent flavor through 90ml of liquid.

The kit includes two 2ml top-fill pods: a 0.4-ohm pod and a 0.7-ohm pod. The 0.4-ohm pod is designed for lots of airflow and high wattage, while the 0.7-ohm pod is designed for a middle-of-the-road experience in both airflow and wattage.

You can also buy a side-fill 1.2-Ohm pod designed for a tight MTL draw.

VOOPOO also made a larger 3ml 0.4Ohm and 0.7Ohm pod.

The flavor is excellent in both pods in the kit. I tested the same e-liquid in both, and the flavors were strong and clear. I seem to get slightly more flavor in the 0.7-ohm pod, though.

Here’s what I noticed in each of the Shift modes:

  • Eco Mode: A great hit on the 0.7 Ohm pod; it just requires a longer drag.
  • Normal Mode: A step up from Eco mode and significantly boosts the flavor and heat of the vape.
  • SPT Mode: Pushes it to the max of the pod. It seems just slightly stronger than the normal mode

The 0.4 coil is much warmer and has bigger hits than the 0.7. In Eco mode, the 0.4 is a lot like the 0.7 in SPT (max) mode.


The internal battery is a big 1100mAh battery. That’s a big battery for a little device and also makes sense for a pod vape that can reach 30 watts.

It charges with fast charging at 5v/2a charging using a USB-C cable.

There are several safety features, too:

  • Overtime Protection: 5s
  • Short-circuit Protection
  • Overcharge Protection
  • Output Over-current Protection
  • Low Battery Protection
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Max Power Protection

Final Thoughts

This is an excellent pod vape. There are a lot of things to like about it. The device looks great and performs great. It has adjustable wattage, all the way up to 30 watts. It has adjustable airflow that works well. The flavor from the pods is also on point. There’s really nothing that I don’t like about it.

The Argus P2 was sent to me for review from Sourcemore. The MSRP is $35, but Sourcemore sells it for much less and also gave me a coupon code – use code: VP2K. Get the VOOPOO Argus P2 kit here.

VOOPOO Argus P2 User Manual

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