Review of the Wotofo nexPOD

The Wotofo nexPOD is is a reusable and rechargeable box-shaped pod device that uses disposable pod cartridges. And I’m going to say right off the bat that I love this thing.


  • Replaceable pods
  • Adjustable airflow
  • 0.001-second fire response
  • USB Type C charging
  • 650mAh battery
  • 8ml pre-filled pods
  • 18 flavors
  • Get the all Inclusive box for $149.00
  • or a device and one filled pod for $19.99

What You Get In The Box

Wotofo sent me their “All Inclusive Box” which has everything in it, including two devices, some mouthpiece tester covers, and all 18 flavors. They sell this for $149.00 USD.

If you want only a single device with one flavor, you can buy that for $19.99. And if you want to buy a single pre-filled pod without a device, they sell those for $8.99


This is a small rectangular-shaped pod system. I can’t think of any pod device similar in style to this except for newer disposables on the market right now. But this isn’t disposable, and it’s even smaller than a lot of disposables, so I think the size of the nexPOD is really impressive.

The device with a pod installed is 83.3mm tall (about 3.2 inches), 42.4mm wide (about 1.6 inches), and 23mm thick (about 0.9 of an inch).

The edges are all rounded, so it’s comfortable to hold. The body is made of aluminum, and it comes in four colors; black, blue, red, and grey.

Adjustable Airflow

One of the things that a lot of pod systems are missing, especially disposables, is adjustable airflow. Wotofo added that here and it works great. There’s a switch on the bottom of the device that slides back and forth to open and close an airflow slot. You can move this as gradually as you want and fine-tune how much airflow you want.


The 1.1Ohm pods are round 22mm tubes with an attached duck-bill mouthpiece at the top and a metal contact at the bottom. They slide right into the device and work in any direction you put them in.

The magnets in the device hold the pod in place, and you can spin it around however you like so that the mouthpiece is where you want it.

These pods hold 8ml of liquid, so you get a lot here. Wotofo says you should get about 3500 puffs per pod. And the coils they use are mesh coils, so you get a high level of performance and great flavor.

Rechargeable Battery

The battery inside the nexPOD is 650mAh. It’s a decent-sized battery that I expect would last most people a full day and likely more before you have to recharge it. This charges using USB-C, and the battery is reported to be able to withstand at least 400 charging cycles. So even if you drained and charged this every day, you’d get more than a year of life out of this, and I’d guess likely more.

This device also has some safety features:

  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Overcharge Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Water-Resistant POD Slot

18 Flavors to Pick From

There are 18 flavors in this line, and Wotofo sent me all of them, so I’m going to go through each one.

Classic Flavors

1. Caramel Tobacco – This was one of the first flavors I tried because I like to get the ones I expect to enjoy the least out of the way. I was totally wrong in that assumption here. This tobacco is awesome. It’s a nice nutty, rich tobacco with a great caramel sweetness. I’m truly impressed with this one.

2. Mint – This is a type of sweet mint flavor that reminds me of those round hard mint candies. The mint is strong but not overpowering at all, and it has some nice sweetness to it.

Flavors With Medium Sweetness

3. Mango Yogurt Ice – I was looking for that yogurt flavor that Wotofo’s Strawberry Yogurt liquid has, but unfortunately, I’m not getting it. To me, this is more of a regular mango flavor and maybe just a little creaminess, but really, it’s just a mango flavor to me.

4. Mango Gummy – I don’t think I’ve ever had an actual mango gummy before, but I can see what they’re going for here. It’s mostly mango and just a hint of that gummy bear flavor.

5. Monster Ice – With a name like Monster, you’d probably guess that this is an energy drink flavor with a menthol kick. And it is. It’s exactly that. I’ve had a lot of energy drink flavors before, and they often taste accurate but medicinal. This doesn’t seem to have a medicinal taste, so I like that. It doesn’t have a lot of “ice” to it, but it has some.

6. Purple Razz Ice – Purple razz ice describes this one perfectly. It’s like a blue raspberry flavor mixed with a candy-ish or soda-like grape flavor

7. Pina Colada – This is a very good tropical coconut flavor. It’s sweet and not too strong, just a smooth mix of a pina colada. It also has a noticeable touch of ice, but it doesn’t seem too strong.

8. Strawberry Yogurt – I can’t believe how good they got the yogurt in this one. It tastes exactly like yogurt with light strawberry flavoring. The yogurt has that milky, creamy, and slight sourness to it. I think this one’s on point.

9. Three Melons – I’m guessing the three melons here are cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon. I get the cantaloupe and honeydew. Those both come through pretty well. The watermelon is harder to get, but there’s an added sweetness here that I think the watermelon is bringing. It’s a great melon flavor.

10. Tropical Ice – This is a tropical flavor, but I’m having difficulty figuring out what the main flavor is. I think it’s guava. I love guava, so I like this one, but I know not everyone is a fan.

Flavors With High Sweetness

11. Forest Berries – This is a sweet berry fruit flavor. I don’t have a lot to say about this one. It tastes like berries, and it’s very sweet.

12. Grape Apple – This tastes like a grape soda flavor with just a hint of apple mixed in.

13. Mango Pear – Mango is a popular flavor in this line, and we have another one here, this time mixed with a bit of pear. Pear is always a very light flavor, just like the real thing, so as you’d expect, you get mostly mango with a bit of pear, giving it a different spin and lightening up that mango a bit. So think if you like mango, but not too much mango, you might like this one.

14. Sakura Milk – I’ve tried a Sakura Milk flavor once before, and I liked it a lot. As I understand it, it’s usually made into creamy milk Sakura cherry blossom lattes or teas. This doesn’t taste like latte or tea, but it tastes exactly like a flavoring you’d expect to add to something like that. It’s a nice and sweet creamy floral flavor.

15. Strawberry Cone – This doesn’t have a cone flavor, but it does taste like light strawberry ice cream

16. Strawberry Lush – I’ve never figured out what “Lush” means when vape companies use it in the name of an e-liquid. Maybe like an alcoholic drink? To me, this flavor tastes like a light and fruity strawberry drink of some kind. Not like a smoothie or soda, but like some type of sweet strawberry cream juice-like drink. Maybe like a strawberry margarita or mojito but without the alcohol, hence the “lush” in the name.

17. Strawberry Mango – This is more of a mango than a strawberry which is what I would have expected from a mango flavor since it’s usually a powerful flavor. The strawberry flavor is light but adds that nice berry flavor to the mix.

18. Watermelon Lychee – This is an excellent and unique lychee with just a slight hint of watermelon. It’s just a little earthy and has a lot of sweetness.

One big thing I noticed with this line is that it’s much different from the typical pod and disposable lines. Wotofo went with many great unique, and tropical flavors, such as several mango flavors and flavors like watermelon lychee, Sakura milk, and pina colada. It’s a great line of flavors that I think keeps things interesting.  And the flavor in all of these is rich and sweet. I love what Wotofo put together for the nexPOD system.

Final Thoughts

The size and shape of the nexPOD is awesome, it has adjustable airflow that works great, it’s rechargeable with USB-C, the pod flavors are excellent, and the whole experience is very satisfying. I have nothing at all to complain about with this kit, and I highly recommend it. I think for people using disposables, this is a huge step up.

The Wotofo nexPOD was sent to me for review from Wotofo.

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