Review of the Yocan Pillar E-Rig

The Yocan Pillar E-Rig was sent to me by Yocan for review. This is a full-size dab e-rig designed for vaping wax and concentrates.


  • 1400mAh battery
  • Type C USB charging
  • Adjustable voltage settings
  • Lab-grade glass
  • Zinc Alloy body
  • Colors: Pearl Black, Pearl White, Pearl Orange, Pearl Teal, Pearl Green
  • $119.99 from Yocan

In The Box

  • Yocan Pillar device
  • Glass Bubbler
  • Two coils; TGT coil and Quad Coil
  • Dab tool
  • USB-C cable
  • User manual


The Pillar has a simple design to it. It’s a long straight tube; a 1.7 inch diameter device and a glass bubbler tube of the same size. There’s nothing intricate about it. And that’s good. It looks nice, and the simplicity of it makes it really easy to hold and use too.

This is a good-sized e-rig but not super-bulky, which I like because it makes it easy to break out and use whenever you feel like it. And that also makes it somewhat portable. It’s not as portable as a pen, but it’s small enough. It doesn’t come with a carrying case or anything, though, and you probably don’t want to carry this around loose in a bag with that glass bubbler, but if you keep the packaging around, that could be a good way to take it places. They also sell replacement bubblers, too, in case you break it. And that’s great because a lot of companies don’t sell these parts separately and expect you to buy the whole kit all over again. So I love that Yocan did that.

The device comes in several glossy colors, and it also has a sparkle/glitter finish to give it a nice shine.


  • 43.5mm in diameter
  • Glass tube: 115.9mm
  • Device: 67.6mm
  • Total length: 183.6mm

Bubbler and Magnet

The bubbler is made of glass which is exactly what you want in a device like this because you won’t get any chemical reactions from the heat while using the Pillar.

When you first get the Pillar, there’s a sticker on the side that shows you how high to fill it with water. The file line is right above those little intake holes on the glass chamber inside the bubbler. Yocan says to remove that sticker before using it, and unfortunately, the fill line goes away with it. I think they should have printed that on the glass.

But anyway, fill it up with a little bit of water, and you’re good to go. Also, make sure to wipe away any water from outside of the bubbler before putting it back on the device.

And there are no complicated twists and turns in here, so it’s super easy to clean. You can clean this with regular dish soap.

The bottom of the bubbler has a thick metal ring, and the top of the Pillar device has a strong magnet. The two make a powerful connection. It’s so strong that you can pick up the Pillar attached to it without any worry of the two disconnecting. It’s a great magnet.

Performance and Features

You turn the device off and on by pressing the firing button five times fast.

The Pillar has three voltage modes, which you set by pressing the firing button three times fast. You can tell which mode you’re in by the three lights on the screen. One light is equal to 3.2 volts, two lights is 3.7 volts, and three lights is 4.2 volts.

There are two modes for firing the Pillar; on-demand and auto. On-demand mode fires while you hold the firing button and stops when you let go. You can fire it for up to 30 seconds.

Auto mode fires continuously for 30 seconds without holding the button. You turn this one by pressing the firing button twice fast. Auto mode will fire at whatever voltage you have it set at.

The auto mode is nice if you just want to take a long hit or several hits without any breaks. And I like that you have the option to hit on demand, too, with the firing button, which is good when you want to take smaller hits or to conserve your concentrate.

There’s an airflow adjustment slider on the back of the device too, which is awesome. You can really fine-tune your hit. I personally like it wide open to get big hits, but it’s great that they included it.


To use Yocan’s coils in the Pillar, you need to use the included coil adaptor.

Yocan’s coils for the Pillar use what they call TGT, or Target Tech Coil Technology. This is what Yocan calls the tech in their coils.

So in the box, you get a TGT P coil and a TGT Quad coil. With either of these coils, you add the wax or concentrate around the middle section. Just make sure not to get it in the middle section where the airflow comes in. It’s best to spread the concentrate all around the coil rather than in one spot because that will prevent a burnt taste.

The TGT coil is a ceramic donut coil. This coil is designed for slow and low-burning properties to get better flavor.

The quad coil has four coils with quarts rods in each one. This coil head is designed to have the same clean and clear flavor but more vapor production and big hits. This coil heats up fast, so it’s good to use when you don’t want to wait for the concentrate to preheat.

When you’re done, Yocan suggests burning off the leftover material on the coil by firing the coil for 2-3 seconds.


The Pillar has a 1400mAh internal battery. That’s a nice-sized battery, but it’s on the lower end of capacity for e-rigs. For example, at more than double the capacity of the Pillar, the Dr. Dabber Switch has a 3000mah battery, and both the Core 2.0 and Utillian 8 have a 3150mAh battery. One of the closest competitors is the Puffco Pro at 1700mAh.

So the battery in the Pillar isn’t as large as most competitors, but the Pillar is also much smaller, more portable, and way more affordable. And I would guess that the 1400mAh battery in the Pillar is plenty for most people. Unless you’re doing session after session all day, you’ll be fine. And even then, you can plug it in and fast charge it. It takes about two hours to charge fully.

Final Thoughts

This is a great, easy-to-use e-rig. The coils work great, and I love that they include two different coils to give you the opportunity to test and find the one you like the best. Both coils work great from my tests. The flavor’s good in either one. And having water in the tube is awesome because it provides a filter to cool down the vape and give you a nice, smooth hit. And I like that you can run this in two modes, either continuously for 30 seconds in auto mode or on-demand in button-fire mode.

While the Pillar isn’t as portable as a pen, you can vape much more concentrate at a time, and it’s far more powerful. And as far as costs go for e-rigs in general, this is on the low end and one of the most affordable ones I’ve seen. It doesn’t have precision temperature settings or fancy features, but you don’t need all that stuff to get a good vape. The Pillar has all you need in an e-rig.

I would have liked for them to have printed a permanent mark on the glass for the fill line. And it would have been nice if they included a case to make it easier to store and carry around. But this thing is awesome overall. It just works great and looks great.

The Pillar was sent to me for review from Yocan.

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