Building My First Twisted Coil

I haven’t really had much of an interest in building advanced coils because they seem so time-consuming, but I received a comment yesterday on a thread I started a while ago on ECF. I was asking for advice on the best above-ohm coil builds for a mech mod.

There are two reasons why I’m interested in this. 1) I’ve heard many people talk about how an above-ohm coil can perform really well if built correctly, and 2) I don’t like sub-ohming on the crappy Efest batteries that I have.

So I did a search on Google and Rip Trippers video was the first to show up, so that’s the method I went with.

Here’s my experience.

I’m very happy with it and it was really easy. It took less than 2 minutes to twist the wire, so that’s awesome. I can definitely see myself doing more twisted wire builds in the future.

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