The Latest Vaping News – The VapePassion Show Episode 9

In this episode we discuss:

– High quality 26650 batteries
– Margeret Cuomo retracting her false claims of e-cigs
– Discouraging underage vaping
– What would you do if you an underage vaper was using unsafe batteries?
– Nurses told to scold patients who use e-cigs
– How current generation e-cigs are delivering consistent nicotine
– Don’t lie on health or life insurance policies if you use nicotine
– States with e-cig tax proposals
– Advertising buffer zones for e-cigs is not constitutional
– Extracting flavors from natural plants
– If it was the last day on earth, what would you vape?

Links to everything I talk about are below the video.

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Everything I talked about in this episode

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