The Latest Vape News – The VapePassion Show Episode 102

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • How to Make DIY 420 / Ganja / Weed-Flavored E-Juice
  • Vaping Convention Circuit Shuts Down
  • South Park Makes Fun of Vaping
  • Vaping Residue Can Transfer Between Rooms
  • Vaping Becoming More Common Among Lower-Income Groups
  • Florida Bundles Oil Drilling Ban With Indoor Vaping Ban
  • The FDA Plans to Ban Flavored E-juice in C-Stores and Gas Stations

Intro Transcription

So it’s been quite a while since I’ve done a show and honestly, I wasn’t sure when I would do another one. I just don’t have the time with life and school. And recently I’ve been doing these “Day in the Life” episodes on YouTube that have sorta replaced the time I had for podcasts. I don’t cover the news or anything so they’re easier to produce but I just kinda share things going in my life, fun family events I go to, and of course what I’m vaping on. I don’t know if anyone really cares about what I’m doing in my life, but my intention behind those videos is to show the lifestyle of a vaper with a family. This the life that vaping has allowed me to live. To enjoy life with my family without smoking. So anyway, yeah, if that type of thing sounds interesting to you, check them out.

But as to why I’m here doing this show today, so I’ve decided to move my podcast files to a new hosting company and during this process as I’m looking at all the episodes I’ve done, I just got the urge to do another episode. And actually, on that note, you might have gotten some notifications of new episodes because the new host didn’t import all of my files and I had to manually re-upload the last three. So sorry about that if you thought you were getting new content. But hey, here we are with new content anyway!

One of the biggest reasons for my absence is that I’m taking classes in accounting. I have zero interest in accounting and I absolutely hate it, but it’s a requirement for my business marketing degree. But these classes are taking up all of my time just because they’re so hard for me. I actually just passed my last one with a perfect A, but it’s been a lot of work. And now I’m in managerial accounting so my lack of time will continue for at least another two months. I have no idea what I’m registered for in January but hopefully, it’s not accounting. So yeah that’s school.

Triberr Vape Community

I wanted to mention to any of you out there who run blogs or YouTube channels that I’ve set up a community for content creators on the idea behind Triberr is that like-minded creators help share each other’s content. I don’t know how well it’ll work for vaping because there are practically no vapers on the platform but I wanted to set one up and see if there was any interest. I certainly wouldn’t mind sharing other people’s content as long as it’s good. But yeah, if you’re interested, go to

What Games Are You Playing

So what games are you all playing lately? I’ve been playing a ton of old-school Legend of Zelda. And that’s because I wanted to be Link for Halloween. It was actually a costume I saw on sale last year after Halloween ended so I’ve known I was going to be Link for a year now.

So my daughter loves watching me play video games but she hasn’t seen any Zelda games before so I wanted to introduce her so that she would understand who I was going to be for Halloween. Well, she became obsessed with Link. She absolutely loves him. I started with the Windwaker on the GameCube which I think was perfect because the game is very cartoony and Link is a little kid. It’s totally different than any of the other Zelda games and a perfect introduction for a four-year-old. So anyway, she made me play this game every single day. Which is fine with me because I love playing games. I don’t think my wife cared for it though.

But anyway, my daughter then turned me into a sort of imaginary friend and started talking to me as if I’m Link. And now I’m all the characters like Zelda, Gannon, Epona and even the skull kid. But Link is still her favorite. So anyway, I beat Windwaker, Twilight princess, and Skyward Sword in a matter of maybe 2 or 3 months, and now I’m playing Ocarina of Time from the Nintendo 64. I tried playing the original version on the NES but that’s just a little too old for her. Too blocky to hold her interest.

But yeah so I’ve been playing a ton of Zelda. I’m ready for something else but my daughter isn’t. I’m assuming I’ll have to get the new Breath of the Wild game next. I don’t have a Nintendo Switch, but my brother let me borrow his Nintendo WiiU which they made Breath of the Wild for I guess, so I’ll have to try to find it. That’s my gaming life right now.

WiseGuy Customs – Custom Artwork on Hats and Shoes

Oh and I wanted to shout out a good friend of mine who has started his own little side business. He’s an amazing artist who puts awesome artwork on white Nikes and white hats. He actually just completed a pair of shoes for a porn actress named Sasha Heart, which is pretty interesting. I’ve never heard of her but supposedly she’s well known. He goes by Wiseguy Customs on Instagram and you can check him out at I don’t know what he charges but he’s just getting started so now might be a good time to reach out to him and get a good deal.

What I’m Vaping On

Alright well, let’s talk vape stuff…

I’ve been getting a lot of stuff to review lately too so I’ve been pretty busy with new products.

I just published my reviews for…

  • Geekvape Ammit MTL RTA
  • Augvape Skynet Subohm tank
  • The Mimic ecig system
  • The Arctic Dolphin ELUX kit
  • The Digiflavor liip pod vape
  • Innokin EQ
  • Steepd e-juice. Quick shake is amazing

I’m currently testing…

  • Aspire Breeze 2
  • Ijoy Diamond VPC Kit
  • Vaporesso Revenger TC Kit
  • La Manufacture E-Juice
  • Verdict Vapers E-Juice
  • Augvape Druga Foxy 150 watt Device
  • Hcigar Akso pod vape
  • Ehpro Bachelor X RTA
  • Artery PAL AIO Kit

And a few on my list that I haven’t opened yet…

  • Geekvape Alpha Subohm Tank
  • Vapefly Pixie RDA
  • Freemax Mesh Pro
  • Fresh Farms E-Liquid

So yeah a ton of stuff lately. If you have any opinions on those things, please let me know.

Oh and also sent me a vape similar to the IQOS heat not burn device, but I have no idea where to get the heat sticks. If anyone knows where I can order just a couple, please let me know. Or even a method of making my own somehow. I don’t know exactly how heat sticks work, but they look like cigarettes soaked in VG or PG or something. I don’t want to smoke anything, but I’d be open to rolling my own with quality tobacco and soaking it in VG or PG. If you have any thoughts on that, I’d be happy to hear it.

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  • Wiseguy Customs on IG –
  • InTheMix Podcast:
  • Vaping Convention Circuit –
  • South Park’s “Vape On This” –
  • Vaping Residue Study –
  • E-cigarette use shifts towards lower socioeconomic groups
  • Florida Amendment 9 –,_Ban_Offshore_Oil_and_Gas_Drilling_and_Ban_Vaping_in_Enclosed_Indoor_Workplaces_Amendment_(2018)
  • FDA to announce ban on flavored e-cigarettes –

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