Vapin’ Heathen and VapnFagan Drama – Heathen Handles It Like an Adult


I don’t know how many of you subscribe to Heathen on YouTube, but he put up a video on August 9th to talk about some drama between him and Mark Fagan.

There’s always some sort of drama going on in our community it seems. I try not to talk about every little bit of drama that happens in the community, but this is a sort of “news” show so when the drama gets I have to talk about it. Well, this drama isn’t actually that big, but I wanted to talk about it because of how Heathen handled it, and he handled it like an adult. Which is not so common in this community.

So just a quick rundown, supposedly, Mark Fagan doesn’t like Heathen. Heathen doesn’t know why, but Fagan has been making nasty comments about Heathen behind his back for more than a year now. After trying to ignore these comments for so long, Heathen had to finally address it. Basically, he just asked that Mark Fagan just leave his name out of his mouth and Heathen will do the same. He told this to Fagan directly too. He’s accepted that they don’t like each other, and that’s fine. So any drama in the future, he will ignore.

I think Heathen handled this really well. A lot of other reviewers usually don’t.

For example, I’ve seen several cases where reviewers get upset about something someone has said about them, then they start talking crap back, and then they post it up on their social channels to get their followers all riled up to go out and attack the other person. That’s so petty.

It reminds me of a story a couple of years ago where a lady wasn’t allowed to wear her Google Glasses into a restaurant. Rather than remove the glasses, she left and then posted a negative review of the restaurant on her social profiles where she has thousands of loyal followers and also other die-hard Google Glass users. Her followers then started leaving negative 1-star reviews on the restaurant’s Google Local profile. She didn’t specifically ask her followers to post fake reviews, but it’s obvious that’s going to happen when you post these types of messages to a community of passionate and loyal people with the same beliefs as you do. That’s an abuse of power in my opinion.

I know how it feels to have someone in the community say negative things about you that aren’t true. I’ve had it happen to me too. And I have subscribers who I know would defend me if I asked. But why bring other people into your drama? Just ignore it. If you keep feeding the trolls, they get bigger. Just be the bigger person and move on. And Heathen did that here too. He told his subscribers specifically NOT to go to Mark’s channel and harass him. We’re not in high school anymore. Just drop it.

Heathen is one of the most professional reviewers on YouTube. He’s honest and seems like the type of guy I’d like to have a beer with. Phil Busardo too. And Big Lou and Bogan. Oh and Thesis. Thesis seems really cool too. How cool would it be to chill with those guys? 😉

Anyway, I have a lot of respect for Heathen after seeing how he handled this situation.

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