Vaporesso Target PM80 SE Preview

I recently reviewed the original Target PM80 and I absolutely loved it. I still use it all the time. It’s just a great mix of a pod-based device with a small mod size and power. This new upgraded model is the SE version (now on pre-order), which is very similar to the original but with some very nice improvements, in particular a removable battery and adjustable airflow.


  • 5-80 watts
  • Pod: 4ml capacity
  • 18650 removable battery (not included)
  • Size: 121.3mm x 24.8mm x 33.8mm
  • Colors: Blue, Red, Purple, Black, Green, Silver
  • Price: $39.90


Just looking at the aesthetics of the PM80 SE, it’s not much different at all from the original model. The only visual difference I see is that the screen is now vertical rather than horizontal. But other than that, it looks mostly the same.

This new model is just a little bigger than the original too. It’s the same width, but it’s slightly taller by about 20mm and has about 11mm more in depth. The reason for that is the change in being able to remove the battery.

Overall, it’s a great looking device. It looks sleek, it’s a comfortable and portable size, and it comes in a lot of nice patterns and colors.


Like the original PM80, the SE model still uses the same AXON chip. It’s a great chip that fires fast and works great. Vaporesso says that the chip actually fires at 0.001 seconds after pressing the firing button, which is extremely fast.

Features and Modes

I’m assuming that the PM80 SE still has all of the same modes and features as the original, but I don’t have the user manual to confirm. But I would expect it to have variable wattage and variable voltage.

One mode I know still exists is the Smart VW mode. This mode auto-detects the coil you’re using and changes the wattage to what the device believes is the best wattage. You can use this if you’re a beginner to vaping or even if you just don’t like messing with wattage settings.

That’s really it for features. It has the features you need and nothing more, and that’s for a good reason. Vaporesso wants this to be easy to use for anybody.


The pod holds 4ml normally or 2ml in the TPD version. It holds plenty of liquid.

It also has replaceable coils, which I’m a big fan of. I love when pod devices have replaceable coils rather than having to replace the entire pod. It’s just much more affordable to replace coils.

The coils are press-fitted, so you just push them in and you’re good to go. Just make sure you fit them in so that they fully seat into the hole or you’re gonna get some leaking when you fill it.


The new PM80 SE now has adjustable airflow, but it’s different than you’d expect. Vaporesso included two silicone plugs that fit into the airflow intake holes on the side of the device. Without the plugs, you get only a direct lung hit, but with the plugs, you can now restrict the airflow to get a mouth-to-lung hit.

I feel like it’s more of an after-thought since it’s not actually built into the device or the pods, but it’s better than nothing, so I’m still glad they did this. My biggest concern would be losing those little plugs.


The PM80 SE uses Vaporesso’s new GTX coils, which are the same ones the original used, so I’m familiar with them. These are great coils, like all coils Vaporesso makes. They perform great, have a long life, and the flavor is very good.

These pods can use the full line of GTX coils, including the RBA section. You get two in the box.

  • 0.2 ohm Mesh – 45-60 watts
  • 0.6 ohm Mesh – 20-30 watts

And you can also purchase the following coils separately

  • 0.3 ohm Mesh – 32-45 watts
  • 0.8 ohm Mesh – 12-20 watts
  • 1.2 ohm Regular – 8-12 watts
  • GTX RBA – rebuildable head


The PM80 SE now uses a removable single 18650 battery, which for me, is a huge upgrade. Personally, I’m not a big fan of internal non-removable batteries because I know that in a couple of years the internal battery will die and the device will become useless. But with a removable battery, I can use this device theoretically forever. I absolutely love that this takes a removable battery.

Now that you can use your own battery in the PM80 SE, battery life will depend on the battery that you buy. If you get a long-lasting 18650, the battery life will last a long time. You can always check out Battery Mooch’s list of recommended batteries to find the battery that fits your needs.

The one thing that I really think Vaporesso should have changed here is the charging port. They’re still using the micro-USB port instead of a USB-C. And they used a USB-C in the new smaller PM30, so I’m surprised they didn’t add it here too.

Final Thoughts

As I’ve said several times, I loved the original Target PM80, and now with adjustable airflow and a replaceable battery, it’s so much better. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these!

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