Vaporesso VM Solo 22 Review

The VM Solo 22 was sent to me for review from This is a 22mm all-in-one kit with an integrated tank designed for restricted-draw vaping. The VM uses Vaporesso’s popular OMNI chipset, so I would expect it to work well.


The design is really nice. I’m partial to the silver model because it looks really clean and it all blends together really well. The blue model does too, but I still like silver better. The main difference with the black model is the buttons and print is gold. There’s also a rainbow model which is okay, but I just don’t care for the separation of colors from the body and the tank. Since the tank is integrated into the device, the pattern should be seamless. Just a minor gripe, but either way, the models all look nice, but silver is my favorite.

The size is small and easy to carry around. It’s 22mm in diameter, which is where its name comes from. The height is 114mm.

The Integrated Tank

The tank isn’t built into the device, but it is designed to be used only with the Solo 22. You can’t use either the tank or the device separately with other products. It holds 2ml of liquid, so that gives you an idea of the size and purpose of this kit. It’s a fairly small tank designed for high-nicotine e-liquid. And for that purpose, the capacity is perfect. If you’re looking to cloud chase, you’ll want something else.

The drip tip is a plain plastic 510 drip tip. It is removable, so you can change it out if you want. I have no complaints about this one though. It’s just a basic tip and works fine.

Then you have the top cap, which unscrews from the top of the tank and gives you access to fill the tank with e-liquid. The tank MUST be on the device before filling it up or it will dump out from the bottom. Well technically you could fill it off the device but you’d have to hold it upside down and screw the device on it while it’s upside down, but that’s a hassle.

The tank also has these big windows on the sides so that you can see how much liquid is in there.

The coils drop right into the bottom of the tank. The coils don’t press-fit or screw in, so the coil falls out if you turn it right-side up, which is why this needs to be screwed on before filling. Once it’s screwed on, add your e-liquid. You want to keep the e-liquid below the threads, or it’ll overflow when you screw the top cap back on.


There are two types of coils you can use in the Solo 22; The EUC CCELL or EUC MESHED coil. What’s interesting about these coils are that they are made with tea fiber, which Vaporesso says has all of the benefits of regular cotton, but soaks liquid more evenly.


The CCELL coil is a 1.0-ohm ceramic coil designed to run at 10-13 watts. The flavor is excellent. This is a cool vape, so you’re not going to get a lot of heat in the vapor, but that’s expected from an MTL device designed for high-nicotine e-liquid. You’re not supposed to take big long drags off of this. But if you do vape low nicotine in this, yeah, it’ll be a very cool vape.


The MESHED coil is a 0.6-ohm coil designed to run at 16-22 watts. This coil has better flavor than the CCELL coil. You get a little more warmth from this one, but still a pretty cool vape. This runs at a higher wattage than the CCELL so it’s probably not something you’d use for really high nicotine. I personally like this coil for something like 6mg or lower regular nic e-liquid.

As usual, Vaporesso’s coil heads perform very well. They last long and the flavor is great.


To turn on the device, click the firing button five times fast. Same to turn it off.

There are no settings whatsoever on here, so you can’t change the wattage or voltage. But the device is able to detect the coil that you’re using and adjusts to a default level of power based on the ohm rating of the coil.

This is nice though. It keeps things simple and it seems to work well. The drags I get are satisfying on either of the coil heads.

The Airflow

By looking at the device, you would assume that this section here is the adjustable airflow control ring, right? That ring doesn’t turn, so you can’t adjust the airflow at all. I don’t know why they didn’t make this adjustable.

The airflow is pretty much a restricted lung draw or a loose mouth-to-lung. So it’s not really how I prefer to vape, but I know there are people that like that type of draw. I personally would have liked a much tighter draw, which is what I like for high-nic vaping. I really wish that airflow control was adjustable. And if you really wanted, you could cover the holes with your fingers to restrict it a little more.


The battery inside the VM Solo 22 is a big 2000mAh non-removable battery so you have plenty of battery life to get you through a day or more of on-going vaping. The Solo 22 charges with micro USB cable at a 1 amp charge, so it’s pretty quick. A dead device will come to a full charge in about 90 minutes.

The LED light behind the firing button also indicates battery life. Green is full, blue is 50%, and red means it needs to be charged.

You can vape this while it’s charging

Final Thoughts

It’s a nice device. It looks nice, it’s super easy to use, and the flavor is really nice from either coil. The main thing I would have liked to be different is the airflow. If this had an airflow control, I would have really loved it. But it’s still a pretty nice device overall. I think this will appeal mostly to beginners, but I also like to carry things like this around for high-nicotine vaping because it’s compact and the battery will easily last the entire day.

This was sent to me for review from Vaporesso. The MSRP is $30.90, but I see it on Vaporesso’s site for $15.45.

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