Vaporesso VM Stick 18 Review

The VM Stick 18 was sent to me from Vaporesso. This is a super skinny little stick device designed mostly for beginners but is also great for anybody who wants something small and discreet.


This is a small little stick-styled vape device. There’s really nothing else to it. It has a nice finish, it looks nice, and it’s tiny. It’s 124mm tall with the tank installed, which is about 4.8 inches, and it’s 18mm in diameter. It comes in the colors of Grey, Black, Rainbow, and Blue.

If you’re wondering how this compares in size to the VM Solo 22 from Vaporesso, this is much skinner, but also taller.


To turn the device off and on, press the firing button five times fast. There aren’t any other features that you can set on here. The device also has an 8-second cut-off while vaping.

The VM Stick 18 uses the OMNI chipset, so it fires fast and charges fast. Most of the other features of the OMNI board are left out here though since this is supposed to be a simple and easy product for anyone to use.

One issue that I have with mine is that every once in awhile, it doesn’t fire. The LED light blinks as if it’s having connection issues with the tank. But it always fires on the next hit. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it does happen.

Battery and Charging

The battery inside the VM Stick 18 is a 1200mAh battery. It’s small, but it’s what you’d expect in something of this size. If you’re vaping high-nicotine e-liquids, which is really what this was made for, that battery should get you through the day and probably even several days.

The device charges using a micro USB cable at 1 amp, so it charges fairly quickly in about 60 minutes from a dead battery and the charging port is on the side of the device, so it’s in a good spot.

The user manual says that the LED light on the firing button changes color to indicate the charge of the battery, but on mine, the only color is white.

You can vape while it’s charging too, so that’s always a nice feature.

The VM Tank

The VM Tank uses Vaporesso’s EUC coil heads. These coil heads are made with tea fiber, which is supposed to soak up liquid more effectively and they do seem to work very well.

CCELL 1.0 ohm

Vaporesso says that the CCELL coil heads are designed for high nicotine e-liquids or CBD liquids. I’ve been using 12mg regular nic and it works great. The flavor is very good and it seems perfectly designed for high-nic liquids.

MESHED 0.6 ohm

This coil head is designed for lower nicotine e-liquid and a warmer vape. The flavor is better in this coil than the CCELL. The flavor is very good in this coil and it performs well.

The coils are super easy to install or swap out. Unscrew the base from the bottom of the tank and drop the coil in. The coils aren’t pressed fit, they just sort of sit in place and are sealed when the base is screwed on.


This tank is designed for more restricted vaping, so if you’re like a really tight draw or at the most, a restricted lung hit, you’ll like it. The tank has adjustable airflow control at the bottom of the tank. There are five airflow holes and they’re on only one side of the tank.


  • 18mm diameter
  • 1200mAh internal battery
  • Colors: Silver, Black, Rainbow, Blue

Final Thoughts

The VM Stick 18 is about as basic of a device as you can get, but that’s a good thing because there’s nothing confusing about it. It’s perfect for beginners or just for someone looking for a compact tight-draw device. It fires extremely fast, it charges in only 60 minutes, it looks nice, and the VM Tank and the included coils perform very well too. My only complaints are that I can’t get the glass off the base of the tank and sometimes it doesn’t seem to have a good connection with the tank and it causes it not to fire.

The VM Stick 18 was sent to me from Vaporesso. You can get this from

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