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Is Juul’s Strategy To Combat Underage Use Good For the Industry?

You might have noticed lately that the vape company, Juul, has been under a massive attack from just about every media organization in the U.S., big or small. Small local news stations are picking up the stories and big publishers like NYTimes are joining in too.

The main concern that all of these publications are reporting is that “juuling” is becoming an epidemic among teens. They’re making claims that vaping is exposing teens to harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and that vaping can eventually lead teens to addiction and into moving towards smoking. There is already plenty of research (see here, and here, and here, and here) showing that both of those claims aren’t true, but it’s not stopping journalists from saying it.

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Is Instagram’s IGTV a Good Option for Vape Reviewers?

There’s some big news in the video and social media world and it’s that Instagram just launched a long-form video platform last week.

People Are Fed Up With YouTube

With all the missteps that YouTube has taken in the last six months, some people have thought it could become the beginning of their end. For example, tons of creators have had their channels de-monetized, channels on particular topics are being shut down, videos are constantly being flagged, and all of this is causing people to go to other platforms.

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Schools Are Limiting Bathroom Access To Prevent Vaping

Broadneck High School in Annapolis, Maryland has made some big news lately after making the decision to remove stall doors from half of the student restrooms. This is in response to what the school is saying is a growing concern of students vaping and “juuling” on school grounds.

Juuling, as you’ve probably guessed is the use of the Juul vaporizer, but it’s becoming a generic term for any of the slim pod-based vaporizers on the market now.

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Ultrasonic Cleaners for Vaping

First I want to thank one of my subscribers, William, for prompting me to put this post together. So let’s just jump right in.

Ultrasonic cleaners are typically used to clean things like jewelry and eyeglasses, but they’re also used for medical equipment, electronics, musical instruments and other things. Ultrasonic cleaners don’t sterilize though, so they won’t work like an autoclave in a tattoo shop (which many people wrongly assume).

How Ultrasonic Cleaners Work

Ultrasonic cleaners work by emitting ultrasound sound waves, which are sound waves that humans can’t hear. People with good hearing might be able to hear sound waves up to 20khz, but not usually higher than that. Ultrasonic cleaners typically run between 25khz to 400khz, so we can’t hear the sound they are emitting. Cats can hear up to 79 kHz and dogs up to 45 kHz, so you might notice your pets acting a little strange when you run an ultrasonic cleaner.

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