My First RDA – Smok Caterpillar RDA Review

When I first got into advanced vaping back in January I knew I would eventually get into dripping and rebuildable atomizers. It took me about a month of research and watching videos before I felt ready to start building my own coils. Grimm Green was one of the first expert vapers that I started following on YouTube and as I was going through his older videos I came across his review of the Caterpillar RDA, which was what drove me to buying one.

Back in February, I bought an authentic Smoktech Caterpillar RDA from for $12.50.

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Hardware Review: eLeaf iStick 50w Sub Ohm

Check out the following blog post after the video for additional thoughts not included in the video review.

Why I Bought the iStick 50w

Right now I only own the 20w iStick and the Aspire CF VV. I wanted another box mod that was more powerful and something that could fire sub-ohm atomizers.

I looked at a few other popular devices, such as the Seigeli 100w and 150w, the 70w iPV mini II, the 150w ipv3, and the ipv4 (which wasn’t out yet when I recorded my video review).

I went with the iStick 50w mostly because it’s so consumer-friendly. It has a built-in battery, has all of the safety protections I might need, and 50 watts is plenty for me right now. I’ll probably upgrade to something a little more advanced a few months down the road.

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Reviewing the Kanger EVOD Twist and the Smok RBC Clearomizer


People always say that buying vape gear online is usually a lot cheaper than going to an actual brick and mortar (B&M) vape shop, but I wanted to see what my closest store had to offer.

I went in with the intention of purchasing a cheap backup battery and tank, just to have something to keep at work and I ended up with an 1000 mah Kanger Evod Twist and two Smok RBC clearomizers.

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