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Fake Anti-Vaping Comments Flood

As you probably know, there was a massive push to get vapers to submit their comments to the FDA regarding their proposed rulemaking which could ban e-juice flavors. The deadline is over, so I hope you submitted a comment!

I want to thank Brent Stafford of Regulator Watch for breaking this story but I just want to share the quick version and some of my own thoughts.

So as of July 9th, there have been more than 517,000 comments submitted, but according to the FDA, nearly 60% of them are spam comments that are mostly anti-vaping. The FDA reported that somewhere around June 8th, someone launched a spam bot that hit their servers with more than 255,000 comments, which lasted for four days, until June 11th.

Most of these comments are variations of the same 10 comments, so the bot was submitting randomized comments at a massive rate to the comment form. They are nearly all marked as anonymous and have acronyms in the organization field that implicate the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

Currently, it’s not known who is behind this spam campaign, but whoever did it appears to be trying to make it look like it’s from the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, due to the similarities in the language of the comments and the letter that Tobacco-Free Kids sent to the FDA.

It’s really not that difficult for a single person to run a bot or hire someone for cheap to run a bot for them to do something like this. It’s hard to believe that this is an official campaign thought up by an anti-tobacco organization, but it could be a rogue anti-vaping extremist acting on their own.

Either way, the FDA has stopped the flood of comments, but it crushed their servers and has drastically reduced the ability for federal employees to review and approve comments.

The FDA has also said that they haven’t decided what to do with the comments yet or if they will even keep any of the comments, legitimate or not. There are discussions online saying that the FDA isn’t required to start the commenting period over, so they could throw out everything and pass whatever regulations they were likely to pass anyway, which in reality may have been the case all along.

Whether this hurts us in the end or if it didn’t even matter, there’s one thing this tells me. The other side is scared. They see the massive amount of support that the vape community is putting into fighting these proposed rules and they went for the most desperate response they could come up with. If we can keep up with our advocacy efforts, no matter how dire the future looks, eventually we can win.

Three Girls Record a Snapchat While a Lady Dies of a Stroke

Three workers at an assisted living facility in Georgia are in trouble after recording a Snapchat video of a woman who just suffered a stroke.

While the older woman was suffering a stroke, the three women recorded a video of themselves cussing, making fun of her, and vaping while waiting for help to arrive.

They were supposed to watching her and making sure she didn’t fall off the bed or choke, but they ignored her and made the video instead. And they named the video “The End”.

Well, they’ve been charged with felony exploitation and intimidation of a disabled adult and face up to 20 years in prison.

The older lady did end up dying, but it’s not known if the lack of care resulted in her death.

The Media Falsely Claims a Company Evacuated For Illnesses Was a Vape Company

Did you hear about that vape manufacturing company that was evacuated with 31 people being treated at the hospital with breathing problems and nausea and one person suffering a seizure?

The company is called Thermal Circuits out of Salem, Massachusetts who manufactures various heaters and assemblies.

But the thing is, they don’t make any parts for vape products, which was even confirmed by an employee there.

I’m not sure what prompted all of these media outlets to claim it was a vape manufacturer, but definitely something fishy about this one.

Anyway, HAZMAT crews came in and found nothing. There was chlorine leak that happened two hours earlier but isn’t believed to be the cause. They also had new carpet installed, which they thought could have caused nausea but the hazmat crew found nothing wrong.

Air China Pilot Vapes on Plane and Causes Mass Descent

An airplane co-pilot on an Air China flight caused a plane to go into an emergency descent due to his poor decision to vape on the plane.

The co-pilot was vaping on the plane and he turned off the air circulation fans so that the vapor wouldn’t go into the cabin. Well, it turns out that he actually turned off the air conditioning, which maintains the oxygen levels on the plane.

That caused a shortage of oxygen, which resulted in the plane going into an emergency descent of 25,000 feet in 10 minutes and causing oxygen masks to drop. Nobody was hurt and the plane went back up to normal altitude and landed safely at its destination.

Air China has since fired the entire flight deck crew, who may now also lose their pilot’s licenses.

Vape Explodes in Woman’s Face Causing Severe Injuries

Here we go again with the media reporting a story without understanding how vape technology works and how some products are safer than others.

So what the media is reporting right now is that a woman came into a store called “The Vapor Shop” located on Harlem Road in Machesney Park in Chicago complaining that the battery in her “vape pen” was malfunctioning, so the vape shop changed the battery for her.

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