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The Media Falsely Claims a Company Evacuated For Illnesses Was a Vape Company

Did you hear about that vape manufacturing company that was evacuated with 31 people being treated at the hospital with breathing problems and nausea and one person suffering a seizure?

The company is called Thermal Circuits out of Salem, Massachusetts who manufactures various heaters and assemblies.

But the thing is, they don’t make any parts for vape products, which was even confirmed by an employee there.

I’m not sure what prompted all of these media outlets to claim it was a vape manufacturer, but definitely something fishy about this one.

Anyway, HAZMAT crews came in and found nothing. There was chlorine leak that happened two hours earlier but isn’t believed to be the cause. They also had new carpet installed, which they thought could have caused nausea but the hazmat crew found nothing wrong.

Air China Pilot Vapes on Plane and Causes Mass Descent

An airplane co-pilot on an Air China flight caused a plane to go into an emergency descent due to his poor decision to vape on the plane.

The co-pilot was vaping on the plane and he turned off the air circulation fans so that the vapor wouldn’t go into the cabin. Well, it turns out that he actually turned off the air conditioning, which maintains the oxygen levels on the plane.

That caused a shortage of oxygen, which resulted in the plane going into an emergency descent of 25,000 feet in 10 minutes and causing oxygen masks to drop. Nobody was hurt and the plane went back up to normal altitude and landed safely at its destination.

Air China has since fired the entire flight deck crew, who may now also lose their pilot’s licenses.

Vape Explodes in Woman’s Face Causing Severe Injuries

Here we go again with the media reporting a story without understanding how vape technology works and how some products are safer than others.

So what the media is reporting right now is that a woman came into a store called “The Vapor Shop” located on Harlem Road in Machesney Park in Chicago complaining that the battery in her “vape pen” was malfunctioning, so the vape shop changed the battery for her.

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Safety Recall on the Vuse Vibe Vape Pen

There is now a voluntary safety recall on the Vuse Vibe vape pen. This was initiated directly by R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company after they received complaints of malfunctioning batteries. Supposedly whatever is malfunctioning is causing the power units to overheat, which could be a fire hazard.

R.J. Reynolds has had 10 complaints reported so far but no injuries. They are now recalling approximately 2.6 million units and are investigating the cause. They’ve also notified the FDA and are working directly with them on the recall.

They’ve said they believe the problem is limited to a small fraction of devices, but they are recalling all of them until they’ve concluded the exact cause. Right now they think it’s an issue with batteries manufactured in 2016 by a contract supplier.

So if you have a Vuse Vibe then R.J. Reynolds is recommending that you stop using it and definitely do not charge it. You can contact or call +1-800-369-8200 to get more information. They will send a postage-paid mailer so that you can send it back. They only need the device, so you can keep your tanks.

The Vuse Solo and Vuse Ciro use the same batteries, but different battery components so they are not part of the recall.

So that’s pretty crazy. And that’s the thing with a big company like RJ Reynolds. They have to do a recall because of who they are, but could you imagine if companies like Wismec or Smok had to do a recall for any of their products that received more than 10 safety complaints? That would be like every single product they’ve ever released.

I wish all of the Vape companies were held to the same standards.

Anyway, I actually have two Vuse Vibes and I like them. I’ve never had a problem with them getting hot, but I’ll probably return them just in case.

Florida Man Suffers First Ever Vape-Related Explosion Death

You might have heard the news recently about Tallmadge Wakeman D’Elia, a 38-year-old man in St. Petersburg Florida who died as the result of an exploding vape pen on May 5th, 2018. The police department received a call for the fire at 9:42 in the morning.

Initially, all that was known was that the vape pen exploded in his room, caught the room on fire, and he was found dead with burns on 80 percent of his body. No foul play was suspected, but the death was assumed to be the cause of the vape pen and that it may have even caused the man to die before the fire did.

An autopsy was performed and it was confirmed on Tuesday, May 15th, that the device exploded and caused a projectile wound that penetrated his skull and brain. The explosion killed him before the fire did. This is the first ever vape-related explosion death in the United States.

The stories keep saying “vape pen”, but it has been confirmed that it’s a device from a company out of the Philippines named Smok-E Mountain. This company makes mech mods, so it wasn’t a vape pen, it was a mech mod, most likely the Vanilla mod. We also don’t know if it’s a clone or authentic since a bunch of clones are on the market. That might not make a difference anyway, since being a clone doesn’t inherently make it more dangerous.

We probably won’t ever know exactly why the battery exploded. Since he was using a mech mod, it could have been due to a number of reasons. He was killed by projectiles, so it’s assumed that the battery was in the device and being used. Something caused the battery to go into thermal runaway. He could have been firing a build that was too low for the battery to handle or he might have had a short on his atomizer. Or maybe something else.

We shouldn’t be too quick to blame D’Elia. Maybe it was his fault and maybe not. I know the vape community gets really defensive in situations like this, but a man died and that’s important to recognize.

This just goes to show the importance of mech safety and also the importance of teaching mech safety as well.

If you want to share condolences or make contributions in his memory, you can find more information here.