OXVA Xlim C Pod Vape Review

The XLIM C Pod vape kit was sent to me for review from OXVA. It’s a slim and sleek pod device with adjustable airflow, adjustable wattage, and a big internal battery. Specs In the Box The XLIM C Has a Modern, Rounded Design This is a stick-styled device using the same design styles as the … Read more

Review of the Wotofo nexPOD

The Wotofo nexPOD is is a reusable and rechargeable box-shaped pod device that uses disposable pod cartridges. And I’m going to say right off the bat that I love this thing. Specs Replaceable pods Adjustable airflow 0.001-second fire response USB Type C charging 650mAh battery 8ml pre-filled pods 18 flavors Get the all Inclusive box … Read more

Smoant Knight 40 Pod Kit Review

The Knight 40 was sent to me for review from Smoant. This is a 40-watt pod mod that uses replaceable coil heads, it has great flavor, adjustable airflow, and it has a cool, unique look. Specs 1-40 watts 1500mAh battery 7 coils available Adjustable airflow See-through design Zinc-alloy body Four colors: Gunmetal, SS, Black, Rainbow … Read more

Review of the Oxbar RRD Vape

The Oxbar RRD was sent to me for review. This device gets its name, RRD, for being Refillable, Rechargeable, and Disposable. That might not be the most creative name, but it’s accurate. It does all of those things. It’s a great little setup too! Specs 5.5ml capacity 1.0 Ohm mesh coil Rechargeable battery 5v/1a charging … Read more

Melatonin E-Juice for Better Sleep


My Experience With Melatonin E-Juice

A few years ago, I purchased a melatonin e-juice from a brand named VaporBoost. They’re no longer in business, but there are other similar brands on the market (which you’ll find below).

I used this melatonin e-juice fairly regularly for several months, usually 30 minutes to an hour before going to bed. At that time, I used the e-juice in my own tank at low wattage, but most products these days come in disposable “personal diffusers,” so you don’t have to deal with any of that. These devices are tuned to the best settings, so there’s no hassle – you just open the package and vape.

You’re not going to find nicotine in these products, since nicotine is a stimulant and isn’t helpful for sleep. The ingredients differ between products, but aside from melatonin, some companies add additional ingredients that promote sleep such as L-theanine, and tea extracts, such as chamomile, passionflower, chai, and earl grey.

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Review of the Vecee V4 Disposables

The Vecee V4 was sent to me for review from Vecee. This is a big disposable vape with a USB-C charger that puts on a light show with every drag. Design First, let’s talk about the shape and size of the Vecee V4. It’s a big disposable device. And that’s because it has a 600mAh … Read more

Review of the Vaptex GOKU Disposables

The GOKU disposables were sent to me for the purpose of review. These are called GOKU, which is a combination of the words “Go Cool.” And their slogan is Go Cool With GOKU. Specs 8ml of e-liquid / 3500 puffs 1.4 Ohm coil 400mAh battery USB-C rechargeable 50mg nicotine Design These are definitely some flashy-looking … Read more

Review of Vaptex Marvol Disposables

The Marvol disposables were sent to me for the purpose of review. Vaptex’s tagline for these is “Puff Your Fruit Cube,” so as you could infer from that, these are square devices with fruity flavors. Specs 16ml e-liquid capacity / up to 6000 puffs 1.2 Ohm mesh coil 600mAh battery USB-C rechargeable 50mg or 20mg … Read more

Disposable Vapes vs Rechargeable Vapes

There are two main types of vapes: disposable and rechargeable. Typically, when talking about disposable vapes, it’s generally assumed that it’s not refillable or reusable, although there are now some disposables hitting the market that can be refilled a few times. There are also now rechargeable disposables that hold a large amount of e-juice and … Read more

Review of Evan37 EVOLVE Delta-10 THC Cartridges

Evan37 sent me their EVOLVE Delta-10 THC 1-gram cartridges for review. Delta-8 vs Delta-9 vs Delta-10 If you’re not familiar with Delta-10, it’s basically another cannabinoid derived from hemp, like Delta 8 and Delta 9. Delta 9 is normal THC; the OG stuff you grew up with. Delta-8 came out a few years ago. And … Read more