Augvape Vtec 1.8 Mod Review

The Augvape Vtec 1.8 was sent to me for review from Augvape. Learn more about it here. This is the updated version of Augvape’s original V200 device, which I reviewed a while back. See that review here. I loved that device and I loved the concept of it too. Augvape says that they improved the battery cover, the software, and made it more affordable. But there are some other differences too.

As far as specs go, there are only two differences with this new model compared to the original. One difference is that the original had a maximum input voltage of 8.4 volts and the new model now only goes up to 7.2 volts. The other difference is that this new model has one more mode; Variable Voltage Mode.

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Review of the The Yocan Uni Pro

The Yocan Uni Pro was sent to me for review from Yocan. Check it out here. The original Yocan Uni was pretty popular so Yocan continued to improve on it and they released this version with an LED screen, more features, improved design, and a better button layout. This is a cartomizer mod device designed to cater more towards the medicinal vaping crowd, but if you’ve got a small enough tank, you can use it for regular e-liquid too.

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Trump Announces Flavored E-Liquid Ban – Here’s What We Need To Do

On September 11th, 2019, President Trump announced that his administration would be taking action against flavored vape products.

Following this, the Health and Human Services secretary, Alex M. Azar II said that the FDA is now outlining a plan in the coming weeks to completely remove flavored vape products from the market, including mint and menthol, but with the exception of tobacco flavors.

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Review of the Yocan Kodo

The Kodo was sent to me for review from Yocan. You can check out the Kodo out at This is probably one of the tiniest little vape devices I’ve ever seen.

It has a standard 510 connector so you can run any type of atomizer on here, but it’s so small, that this is definitely designed for lower-wattage tanks or drippers. Anyway, let’s talk about it.

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Michigan Governor Bans Flavored Vape Products and Deceives The Public

Yesterday, Michigan announced that they would be the first state in the U.S. to ban flavored e-liquids. This includes both retail and online sales and it goes into effect immediately. Shops have 30-days to sell what they already have in stock. The ban will last for six months and can then be renewed for another six months after that.

This ban is the result of an executive order put in place by Michigan’s Democratic governor, Gretchen Whitmer.

Whitmer is currently doing this unilaterally, meaning she made this decision on her own without the agreement of others and she’s supposedly working with the legislature to get it written into statute later.

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