Ehpro True MTL RTA Review

The True MTL RTA was sent to me for review from Get it here (affiliate). This is a mouth-to-lung tight draw tank designed by the owner of NatureVape out of the U.K. It’s being manufactured and sold through Ehpro.

Not even a year ago it was really hard to find a good MTL tank. Companies just weren’t making them. The only options were tanks that were hard to find or very expensive. Or the Nautilus Mini. But I think with the surging popularity of pod devices, the MTL experience has become a lot more appealing to vapers and now we’re seeing all sorts of MTL tanks on the market for really affordable prices, which I think is great because I’ve always really enjoyed MTL vaping.

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La Manufacture E-Juice – Tobacco Flavor from France

La Manufacture was sent to me from a podcast subscriber of mine, Christy from North Carolina. I actually don’t know if she’s still a listener because I don’t do the podcast much anymore, but we talked a long time ago about our appreciation for unique tobacco vapes and she sent me a bunch of different great tobacco vapes.

La Manufacture is created by a company in Paris, France named Fuu.

I had to translate from French to English, which I rewrote, so there might be some things missed in the translation, but their description of La Manufacture says:

Created in 50/50, this recipe delivers a perfect “classic” taste that is both simple and complex. It’s rich but not too toasted, light but present, and caramelized without being too sweet. This e-liquid is balanced and aimed at those who seek an alternative to “classic” flavors that are too rich or too simple.

  • [euro] 6.50 per 15ml
  • Nic: 0, 4, 8, 12, 16
  • VG/PG: 50/50

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Preview of the IPHA Swis

This is a sponsored post from to announce a new pod vape device coming out soon (no product page yet, but they will be one of the first to carry it!). It looks like something a lot of MTL vapers would be interested in.

It’s called IPHA SWIS and is being called the world’s first stainless steel pod device.

Its features include:

  1. World’s first stainless steel Pod
  2. 1.4 – 2.5 Ohm wide-range resistance support (great for most e-juice)
  3. Durable and well-built
  4. Big battery and long battery life
  5. CelluCotton wicking material – super clear flavor, specially optimized for micro-coil
  6. Smart vape mode for easy one-click vaping
  7. Constant power output to assure outstanding flavor
  8. iPhone-level craftsmanship for a durable and reliable vaping experience
  9. Up to 7 colors to pick from

Here’s a short promo video from IPHA

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Vape Deals

Here are the best deals I’ve seen so far. Promo codes and more details are further down the page.

* Some of the links on this page are affiliate links

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  • Lite Cig USA – 20% off entire order
  • Liquid Barn – Up to 50% OFF various DIY products
  • MyFreedomSmokes – 40% off coils Black Friday, 17% everything on Cyber Monday
  • The Sauce LA – $2.99 Awesometown 60mls, 80% off other eliquid
  • Vape Craft Inc. – 30% off all e-juice
  • – Up to 90% off and an extra 12% with promo code
  • VapeWild – Up to 50% off hardware. 20% off VapeWild E-Juice
  • Sourcemore – Up to 60% off and multiple flash sales
  • – 25% off sitewide
  • Vuse – Get both an Alto and Vibe complete kit for only $5

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The FDA Plans to Ban Flavored E-juice in C-Stores and Gas Stations

There has been a lot of talk about this in recent weeks and now we know it’s almost a certainty. The FDA is expected to ban the sales of flavored e-juice throughout the country as soon as this week (maybe even today!).

For now, this is only going to happen in convenience stores and gas stations. The ban will only apply to pods or cartridges, so basically, this is targeting Juul products. They do not plan to ban open tank system products.

The FDA also said they will allow mint and menthol flavors since cigarettes also come in menthol and the FDA doesn’t want to give cigarettes an advantage over vaping.

To many of you, this news probably won’t be a problem since you likely buy online or in vape shops, but this is a pretty big deal for the majority of vapers in the country. Hobbyists and hardcore vapers like us are only a small segment of vapers as a whole, but the majority of vapers are non-hobbyists who are vaping to quit smoking. They don’t care about new products on the market. They just want to stop smoking. And now these people will be left without any flavor options.

This could have serious ramifications for people trying to quit. Another important consideration is that there are many towns throughout the country that don’t even have access to vape shops. If they can’t get flavors from vape shops, convenience stores, or gas stations, many of these people might simply go right back to smoking.

My guess is that the FDA is starting with convenience stores and gas stations because that’s where most underage sales happen, either by a sales clerk or an of-age person buying it for a younger person. Even if that’s true, this sets a dangerous precedent for further increasing bans later.

I’m personally against this ban, but what do you think?

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