Review of the Philter Phrend Vape & Smoke Filter

The Philter Phrend was sent to me for review by Philter. This personal air filter is both portable and consciously designed with environmental sustainability in mind. You can get it here for $36.99 Design The Philter Phrend comes in two pieces; a reusable aluminum case and a biodegradable filter. The case, made of lightweight aluminum, … Read more

Review of the Philter Pocket Personal Air Filter

The Philter Pocket was sent to me for review from Philter. This is an extremely portable, personal air filter, used to filter smoke and vapor and also designed with the environment in mind. Get it here for $19.99 Design The Pocket comes with two pieces; a biodegradable filter and a reusable silicone sleeve. The filter … Read more

Pyne Pod Boost Disposable Review

The Pyne Pod Boost was sent to me for review from Check it out here. This is a great-looking pod device but also lightweight and full of great features. The Pyne Pod Boost Design These devices look awesome. I love the style of the device. The main color of each case looks great, and … Read more

Oxbar Magic Maze Pro Disposable Review

The Oxbar Magic Maze Pro was sent to me for review from Oxbar. Learn more about it here. This is a rechargeable, 10,000-puff disposable pod vape with adjustable wattage. The Design The first thing you notice when you get one of these is the box. There’s so much going on here. It makes me think … Read more

Funky Republic Disposables Review

The Funky Republic Ti7000 Disposables, now known as the Funky Lands Ti7000, were sent to me for review from – check them out here and use code “FR15” for 15% off. That brings it down to only $12.74! Funky Republic has dubbed these as a smart disposable device with a screen that shows battery … Read more

Lost Vape Orion Bar Review

The Orion Bar 7500 was sent to me for review from VapeSourcing. Check it out here. This is a simple, but great-looking disposable device with adjustable airflow made by Lost Vape. The Orion Bar Design The Orion bar looks great. The solid colors matched up against the black background go really well together. I’m not … Read more

Yocan Personal Air Filter

The Yocan Personal Air filter was sent to me for review from Yocan. These are small, portable filters designed to filter out both smoke and vape. They’re also super affordable at only $10-15 each kit. I believe these are just starting to roll out, so I can’t find prices for the individual replaceable filters yet … Read more

Yocan Green Invisibility Cloak Review

Yocan Invisibility Cloak air filter device placed next to its packaging box

Yocan has come out with a new line of disposable air filter products under the name of Yocan Green. This particular product is their largest disposable model, the Invisibility Cloak. Yocan is known for creating vaporizers designed to use for herbal products, such as dry herb and concentrates. And with a name like Yocan Green, … Read more

ThunderHead Creations Tauren Mech Boro Mod Review

Thunderhead Creations has always been a brand known for innovation and high quality in the vaping world. The Tauren Mech Boro Mod, with its sleek design and unique features, stays true to THC’s reputation. Specs: Size: 29.5x47x70mm Material: Aluminum Battery: 21700/18650/20700 Colors: Matte Black, Gun Metal, Electric Blue $55.69 from Sourcemore (or $62.29 for the … Read more

Smok Mag Solo Kit Review

Branded side of Smok Mag Solo Kit and T-Air Subtank

The SMOK Mag Solo kit was sent to me for review from Check it out here. SMOK has released a new box mod in their MAG style of devices, this time a single-battery, 100-watt device. Smok MAG Solo Specs Dimensions: 95.2 x 43.6 x 32.2 mm Weight: 135 grams Battery: Single 21700 or 18650 … Read more