E-Juice Review: Vanval’s It’s Just Nice to Have – Milk Tea, Honey, Chai

This e-liquid is described as “one of those flavors that is refreshingly delicious with every puff you take. “It’s Just Nice to Have” is a very delicate milk tea with subtle hints of honey and chai. This e-liquid has just enough sweet combined with the revitalizing taste of crisp chai tea that you will truly understand the term all day vape.”

VanValVapor.com sent me “It’s Just Nice to Have” for the purpose of this review.

This is a 17.5 ml bottle, 6mg nicotine, and max VG.

VanVal’s bottles have nice professional label. The e-liquid itself is a clean looking yellowish color.

For this review I used the Kbox 200 with the Veritas RDA on top. The Veritas is more of a tight-draw, mouth-to-lung RDA, so I vaped it a fairly low wattage – 35 watts.

The smell is very unique and actually smells like chai tea. I can even get some creaminess from it.

The flavor is also extremely unique. I’ve never tried anything like this one. It tastes like chai tea and has a little bit of a spiciness to it. It actually reminds me a little bit like Indian food. It has a sort of sweet and savory taste at the same time.

The flavor of this is hard to explain. It’s so difficult to explain that I’m still unsure if I like this flavor myself, even after having vaped quite a bit of it.

It’s so unique!

It tastes like chai tea and it has that milkiness they are going for, but the other flavor notes in here are confusing.

If you’re really big fan of milk tea with chai and honey flavors, you might like this one.

I’m still on the fence on this one.

VanVal’s e-liquids are really affordable. You can get 65ml bottles for $8.99, 125ml bottles for $15.99, 210ml bottles for $24.99, and sample packs of seven 15ml bottles for $15.99.

E-Juice Review: Vanval’s Trippy Drip Drip – Pineapple and Peach Gummy Rings

I received Trippy Drip Drip from VanValVapor.com for the purpose of review.

They describe this one as:

The succulent nectar of a pineapple integrated seamlessly into a smooth gummy blend similar to the gummy taste in peach rings to form this sweet tooth satiating vape

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The Latest Vaping News – The VapePassion Show Episode 63

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • E-Juice Review: Naked 100 Lave Flow
  • Quick Update on HR 1136’s New Cosponsors
  • Preview: The Icon RDA by Mike Vape and Vandy Vape
  • LiPo vs Li-Ion Batteries and Breaking in LiPo’s
  • New California Vape Taxes Hit This Week
  • Dr. Brad Rodu Dispels The Biggest Vape Myths in 25 Minutes

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Nicotine Salts vs Freebase Nicotine

A product that a lot of DIY’ers have been talking about lately are nicotine salts. This is basically a crystallized version of nicotine that come already dissolved in VG and PG solutions. Let’s talk about the differences between nicotine salts and freebase nicotine (the nicotine most e-liquids contain)

Preface: I want to point out that I do not have a background in chemistry but I love to do research, which is what I’ve done here. I’m going to do my best to provide accurate information. If I’ve gotten anything wrong, please let me know and I’ll make corrections.

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